Gulf Shores, Alabama Vacation- Day 2

Day 2 was an exciting day for us in Gulf Shores- we ate, hiked, and had a power outage! In the morning before it got too warm, my brother and I hiked around the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail, part of Gulf State Park. The trail is great for hikers, bikers, and runners.

IMG_9335 (2)

We started at the Cotton Bayou Trail and went to Twin Bridges before cutting across and walking back on Rosemary Dunes- 6 miles in total.

IMG_9334 (2)

Michael’s goal was to see an armadillo- which was a fail Sad smile

IMG_9342 (2)


We did see a Gopher Tortoise, a big old snake and possibly an alligator or large branch (could have been either).

IMG_9344 (2)

We were very happy we did not see a bobcat!!!!

IMG_9339 (2)

Lunch was important after a 6 mile hike so we found a chill sandwich place called Flip Flop Deli Shop which is owned and run by a woman from Iowa!


We chatted with her for quite a while about my home state before digging into my fantastic Geaux Tigers (turkey and pepperjack) sandwich.

IMG_9347 (2)

The afternoon was pretty cloudy to the beach was not too appealing, plus both my brother and I were slightly burnt. A 2 hour nap was my first order of business before settling in with finishing reading the Lord of the Rings series. Now all I need to do is watch the Lord of the Rings movies and book a ticket to New Zealand (I’m so going to do this!).

IMG_9328 (2)

Dinner was really delicious! The fam loaded up into the Cadillac (our sweet rental car) and drove to the Shrimp Basket. Mom had coconut shrimp, fried clam strips, cheesy grits, and coleslaw.

IMG_9329 (2)

I had shrimp tacos, potato salad, and coleslaw- plus some hush puppies. I ended up eating my mom’s grits and my brothers turnip greens (both were really good!). Living in Maryland has given me a taste for at least some Southern sides that my Iowa family just isn’t enjoying yet.

IMG_9332 (2)

After dinner we were all enjoying the NFL draft when we noticed tons of lights and commotion outside. It turns out that the electrical pole was on fire. Sparks were flying everywhere and we just knew the power was going out soon.

IMG_9715 (2)

We cranked down the air conditioning and charged our phones and then went outside to watch the show. The power did go out soon after so we did the most logical thing and signed up Mom for Snapchat and made ourselves new bitmojis- of course.

Hopefully tomorrow weather is a bit sunnier and no random fires make the power go out!

Reader Question: Lord of the Rings- have you read them? Watched them? Been to New Zealand to see where it was filmed?

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