Haines, Alaska

Never had I heard the name Haines, Alaska before booking this trip so I had few expectations about the town. 90% of your Alaska experience is based on the weather and we had the most perfect, beautiful afternoon in Haines.

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The morning was filled with rain and fog that covered all this beautiful scenery. Luckily I had booked a kayaking tour on Chilkoot Lake in the afternoon and not the morning!

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Chilkoot Lake Recreation Area is about a 10 minute drive outside Haines along a very bumpy road. We saw many bald eagles and their nests but didn’t see any bears (our driver had seen two brown bears that morning along the same road).

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Kayaking was so gorgeous at least for the first hour. A storm blew in for a few minutes but quickly blew over.


A glorious day on Chilkoot Lake for sure. The kayaking itself was fun and different. These were fancy kayaks with feet pedals to help sift the kayak through the water; it made for easier maneuvering.


After about 90 minutes on the lake, we came back into shore and shed our gear. Our driver was awesome and dropped us all off at the Haines Brewing Company in town where I met Mom for a Spruce Tip beer. Spruce tips are a little citrusy in flavor and made for a refreshing ale. And they have sample sizes so you can try a few different flavor options.

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The other cool sight in town is the Hammer Museum– a museum full of hammers. $5 entry fee gets you entry to the exhibits featuring over 2,000 different hammers.  Find the 19 foot tall hammer and you have found the Hammer Museum.

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Haines is small, about 1500 people, so there is not that much to do in town. Adventure sports  and hammers are Haines’s specialty. A walk along the waterfront on a sunny day is well worth your time. Sunny Haines was a pleasant surprise and an authentic Alaskan seaside town.

We are off to Hubbard Glacier and Juneau for more Alaskan adventures.

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