Hamarikyu Gardens Tokyo- Lunch in the Park

My fantastic traveling group tour is over. We said our goodbyes this morning and moved on to our next adventures. A few of us are staying on in Tokyo for a few days while about half went to the airport. My hotel in the famous shopping area known as Ginza. Today I’m not in a shopping mood though, it is the first sunny day in a week so I’m getting out to explore!

Hamarikyu Garden Tokyo

Hamarikyu Gardens is a few train stops away from Ginza in the Shiodome district. My Japan Rail 7 day pass is still good so I took the JR train to Shimbashi Station and walked about 10 minutes to the gardens.

Hamarikyu Garden orange flowers

Prior to my train ride, I stopped at the Tokyo station market in the basement for some lunch. This place is amazing. There is fresh sushi, tempura, bento boxes, dumplings, bakeries, and more smashed into a little food court in the basement of the train station.

Tokyo Station basement food court

I was tempted by the tempura options but opted for some fresh sushi in a rice bowl.

Tokyo Station basement shrimp tempura

The entrance fee for Hararikyu Gardens is 300 Yen, about $2.50) and well worth it. Since it had been raining for days, the trails and grassy areas were fairly muddy. But it made everything so green and lush!

Hamarikyu water views

I hear during cherry blossom blooming season, these gardens are the place to go. But it isn’t cherry blossom season (that is in March/April) so I opened up my sushi and dug in for a healthy and delicious lunch.

sushi takeout lunch Tokyo

Not a bad view to have with lunch.  I love parks in the middle of cities. It is such a contrast in scenery, and oddly calming.

Hamarikyu Gardens Toyko Japan

After lunch I hopped back on the JR train to Akihabara– the aname district in Tokyo. I heard it was colorful and weird so I wanted to check it out.

Akihabara aname buildings

It was certainly colorful and full of life but it was definitely weird too. Aname billboards, gaming parlors, aname clothing and novelty stores, and strangely duty-free shops.

Akihabara buildings aname

I enjoyed walking around on a such a nice day to take it all in but unless you are into Japanese aname, you can skip the Akihabara section of Tokyo.

Akihabara neighborhood Tokyo

Reader question: What is your favorite city park or garden?

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3 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    That park looks so peaceful, and that market at the station looks amazing! I’m definitely going to have to remember that.

  2. what a lovely park! London’s parks are my favourite!

  3. Corinne says:

    Such a great idea to eat in the park. I love the people watching you can do there as well. Tokyo is so big and crowded that it’s nice to find the quiet spots.

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