Hanapepe Friday Night Market

Kauai is a laid-back island. There is not a ton of nightlife and most restaurants close on the early side of the night so Friday nights are pretty low key. The small artsy town of Hanapepe throws a fun shindig where stores and the numerous art galleries stay open late with some of the artists available to meet. They combine this with street music, food trucks, and food stands to make for a pretty fun Friday.

Fun photo of a bus stop outside Koloa on my drive to Hanapepe:


The Hanapepe Friday Night Market starts at 6pm and goes til 9pm, officially. I arrived just after six and made my way through the art galleries first. Some of the photographs and paintings were pretty amazing and of course had a Hawaiian/ocean theme to them. An art lover could spend a lot of time browsing.

I am more into pie so I found the pie lady straight away. My AirBnB host recommended that I seek out the pie immediately for the best selection as she is very popular. The place is called The Right Slice. The lady working told me her favorite was lemon so I ordered a slice of that to go and a slice of tropical banana for now.

IMG_8027 (2)

I am physically incapable of not ordering banana and lemon pie when offered. All of the flavors looked fabulous- like blueberry pina colada and caramel apple pecan (how I resisted ordering a third slice, I’ll never know).

IMG_8028 (2)

My lemon pie snack I’ll stick in the fridge for later. If you are on Kauai make sure to stop by The Right Slice store or look for her at festivals.

There were some quirky things going on as well. The Western most bookstore in the United States called Talk Story had new and used books that were fun to browse through. It was a very eclectic collection with much floor space devoted to mysticism, Eastern religions, and most strangely- a fiction separated by the author’s gender. JK Rowling would disapprove!

IMG_8026 (2)

There were massages going on in the middle of the street for everyone to see. He was standing on the guy and walking on him. Okay, it was fun to watch at least.

IMG_8029 (2)

This hair band was really good. All the flowy hair was amazing too! Smile

IMG_8031 (2)

I didn’t just eat pie for dinner although I wanted to. Because I’ve been eating so much fish (and calories from the pie) I opted to have some papaya salad from the Thai food truck. Fresh papaya really makes all the difference. It got dark pretty quick so I ate and was on my way.

IMG_5507 (2)

I made it at far as the ice cream shop back in Koloa. Banana macadamia nut salted caramel ice cream for my nightcap.

IMG_5506 (2)

Tomorrow I am going hiking again. This one will be much shorter and not nearly as difficult. Stay tuned for more ahi tuna deliciousness!

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  1. What fun! I didn’t do this when I was in Kauai. I love, love, love the small town feel of the island. Going to check out your hike now!

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