Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m in the warm section of the United States, Phoenix, Arizona,  enjoying 77 degrees today while most of my friends and family are shivering in other parts of the country.

IMG_8367 (2)

BC and I took a New Year’s Day hike through Apache Wash Basin in our shorts and t-shirts, checking out the cacti.

IMG_9168 (2)

A hike was necessary for burning off our giant New Year’s Day brunch from Black Bear Diner. The California omelet (avocado, mushroom, and cheese), a biscuit, and hash browns for me! I may have also stolen a piece of bacon from BC’s enormous breakfast plate.


I’ve been hanging out with my cute nieces and nephew for the most part on this well-timed, warm weather trip to Phoenix. For Christmas, BC got me Britney Spears tickets to her second-to-last concert on December 30th as part of her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood.  Best Christmas present ever! Britney can sure put on a show!

IMG_1525 (2)

Britney’s residency at Planet Hollywood ended on New Year’s Eve so we just made it to see her under the gun. But she did a few of her songs live from Vegas on the New Year’s Eve show on ABC so I got an encore of sorts. Britney looks good!

IMG_1528 (1)

We didn’t spend a lot of time in Vegas- in and out in less than 24 hours- but we ate some good food, played some blackjack, and had a few cocktails.

IMG_1508 (2)

Those are bacon-wrapped, goat cheese-stuffed dates!


I also beat the snot out of BC in bowling at our hotel in Las Vegas. This is why he won’t ever go bowling with me. Whomp.


New Year’s Eve was pretty low key for us that included sparklers with the kids and wine and watching the ball drop in Times Square. I actually stayed awake until midnight, mountain time. We are exploring Arizona a bit more on this trip so stay tuned for another National Park being checked off the bucket list.

Reader Question: Do you go out for New Year’s Eve or prefer to stay home? How cold is the weather for you?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I didn’t realize Britney’s residency in Vegas was ending! We saw her show last year when we were there for Rock and Roll Vegas. She really does put on a great show.

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