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Today in St. Petersburg, Russia we did a lot of exploring. First up was the Peter and Paul Fortress and Chapel where all the royals of the Russia are buried. Even Anastasia- sorry to spoil but the fairy tale is not true.

StPetersburg 065

The rest of the Romanovs, Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, etc. are here.

StPetersburg 063

Peter the Great’s tomb- founder of St. Petersburg


StPetersburg 053

Basically the rules for the Peter and Paul Fortress were:

StPetersburg 055

No skiing,

StPetersburg 057

No drinking excessively so that you have to hold onto a lightpost,

StPetersburg 056

and no jumping off buildings.  Thanks for letting me know the rules Russia!

After the Peter and Paul Fortress we went to the Hermitage!!!  It is a huge art museum and palace tour which started with Catherine the Great.  I saw Degas, Monet, Picasso, Caravaggio, Da Vinci, Van Gough, and so many more.  I am not an art person, but this place rivaled the Louvre.

Hermitage St. Petersburg

From the outside.

Across the street from the Hermitage

Across the street.

On the inside:

Hermitage Jordan staircase

The Jordan Staircase

Hermitage pink candelabra

Giant pretty pink candelabra.

Borat’s room (this is a joke)

Hermitage portrait room

Borat look-alike on the wall

Hermitage Borat look-alike painting

Blurry Borat (or who we all thought this guy looks like)

Moving on…

Hermitage devious angel statue

I loved this little cupid.  So cute and so up to no good!!!

Most of the exhibits wouldn’t allow flash photography and there was a major rainstorm going on outside making everything pretty dark.  But along with the Louvre and the Met, this is a top notch art museum- a must-see, even for the non-art lovers.

After the Hermitage we went on a canal cruise.  Mostly we just got drunk on champagne and vodka, sometimes mixed together.

StPetersburg 091

StPetersburg 092

This is the guy in charge of making sure we don’t get lost in Russia.  Not too convincing as a responsible person in this picture. He wears the pink fur hat because he can’t stand holding an umbrella like all the other tour guides. I think in Russia it works well.

StPetersburg 089

St. Isaac’s and the Admiralty from the Neva River.

Right after the canal cruise it started pouring raining on us.

StPetersburg 098

We went to one other museum which is so-off-the-wall-weird, I’m not mentioning the name of it on the blog.  Then 5 girls in 1 taxi back to our hotel.  Tomorrow we are doing a little more sightseeing in St. Petersburg and then heading to Novgorod.

Good night!!!

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  1. Mariah says:

    I was catching up on your travels while supposedly paying attention during an oticon training seminar and this post made me laugh out loud! The signs! Ahhhhhhhh. Looks like this is a crazy trip!

  1. June 26, 2015

    […] was one the first stop on my second big trip of my “sabbatical”.  I was on my way to Russia (via Helsinki, Finland) and Iceland Air had the best faire from Washington, DC Dulles to Helsinki, […]

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