Hershey Park, PA


Last Monday BC took off from work and we drove the short 90 minute trip to Hershey Park, PA.  Growing up in Iowa, I have memories of summer days at Adventureland in Des Moines.  In Maryland, everyone goes to Hershey Park, PA- the land of chocolate.


Most everything is chocolate themed and the amusement park has a lot of chocolate treats as well as a lot of fun rides.  There is a small waterpark inside as well but we stuck to the amusement park areas.


Hershey Park has a lot of crazy, swirly roller coasters- 8 to be exact.  I am officially now a wimp and cannot handle these so I stayed on the roller coasters that didn’t turn me upside-down.  There were 3 big ones that were really fun.


BC riding one of the crazy ones, The Wildcat, by himself.

He almost lost his sunglasses on this one because he forgot to take them off until the first upside down loop.


I happily ate butterscotch ice cream and nachos for lunch.


The park was not crowded at all in the morning- we got there about 15 minutes after opening.  We rode roller coasters with no lines for a few hours.  But after lunch lines were hours long.

No one at 10am:


After lunch we headed back to the park exit and to Chocolate World.  The Hershey Museum used to be here but they moved it into the town of Hershey.  For free you can go on an informative tour to learn how Hershey makes their chocolate.  There are a lot more attractions inside Chocolate world that you have to pay money to do but we opted out of those.


There is a lot of shopping in Chocolate world for all things chocolate.  Luckily I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like chocolate so I was not tempted in the least to buy anything.

You do get a free chocolate treat at the end of the free tour- today was chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.



BC and I had a fun day in Hershey- a great summer Monday!  If you go to Hershey Park (or any amusement park really), go at opening and start riding the roller coasters non-stop because the lines will become unbearably long soon.

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