Hiking and Man Dinner


Today was an interesting day.  Rebekah and I started out our day hiking Mt. Will in Maine and climbing to the top.  It was quite a strenuous hike but had great views.



After our hike we had a family scavenger hunt with Rebekah’s family around Howard Pond.  It was the most fun thing I did on vacation.  We made funny group videos, swam to the center of the lake, took pictures with spiders and fish, chugged a beer, climbed trees, played on swing sets, met the neighbors, and more.  While our video got 2nd place, my team was the slacker team and did not place overall.



Dinner was all about the women.  I called it Man Dinner because the men cooked and served the women.  Apparently every year at the family reunion they switch.  Last year the women cooked and served for the men.  This year it held at a cousin’s house across the lake from where we stayed on Howard Pond. The women ate and voted on their favorite dish to determine the best male cook.

The menu:


My vote for the best thing was this steak and corn dish made by Rebekah’s cousin Jerry.


The steak was cooked perfectly and there were green chiles and cheese in the corn which made it divine.  Rebekah also picked it as her favorite.  There were sooooooooo much on the menu.  We had to roll ourselves out of there and walked back to the lakehouse on the other side of Howard Pond.

On our way home we ran into this big guy.


Nature is fun.

The Lobster Bake is coming up next!!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I wish all family get-togethers were as much fun as yours looks like it was. The combination of eating, hiking, and games sounds great, and your headline (…”Man Dinner”) was total clickbait, for whatever that’s worth. 🙂

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