Hiking Cinqueterre on the Italian Coast


Hello again from Italy! The rain finally let up around noon so I took off hiking Cinqueterre.  My first trail was between Monterosso and Vernazza.  I thought in the guidebook it said that one was the easiest and took 20 minutes.  Forty-five minutes later I was dripping in sweat climbing what felt like 800 stairs.  I was getting frustrated and got out my stupid guidebook.  Oops!  I read it wrong- that trail was the hardest and the last one was the easiest.  My bad.  At least the hard part was now out of the way.  (my leg muscles are very sore today too, good workout!)

I started way down there close to the water.

Hiking Cinqueterre the beginning in Monterosso

Across the hills overlooking the ocean.

Hiking Cinqueterre

Through a few streams:

Hiking Cinqueterre Stream

Stopping to say hi to the cat who was chillin’ on the picnic tables.

Hiking Cinqueterre cat

This was the flat part of the trail. And the purple flowers made for a pretty hike

Hiking Cinqueterre purple flowers

Finally an hour later, Vernazza appears.

Hiking Cinqueterre Vernazza

Vernazza had a lot of damage from the floods on October 25, 2011 that is in the middle of being repaired.  Monterosso rebuilt quickly, Vernazza is a bit behind but working hard to restore the town.

Hiking Cinqueterre Vernazza from the water

Vernazza from the water.

I also trekked from Riomaggiore to Manarola.  That was much easier.  I deemed it pizza time in Manarola. And while it is always pizza time, hiking Cinqueterre has made me hungry!

Hiking Cinqueterre pizza in Manarola

That’s it for hiking between the towns as the rest of the trails were closed from the floods.  I headed back to Monterosso and did some sightseeing there.

Hiking Cinqueterre lemons

I like taking pictures of lemons.

Hiking Cinqueterre lemon bike

Hiking Cinqueterre boats

Hiking Cinqueterre pink flowers

I’m checking out of my hotel today. Next on the agenda, I am heading to Milan via train and then hopping a flight to see Megan, Caden, and Josh in Stuttgart Germany.  The adventure continues.

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