Hiking George W Childs State Park, Pennsylvania


On my final day at Deerfield Spa in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania,  I woke up bright and early for some yoga,


followed by hiking at nearby George W Childs State Park.


Today’s hike was considered intermediate but it was more of walking straight down for 15 minutes and then climbing back up.  George W Childs State Park  is littered with waterfalls so it was a very pretty walk down/climb up.


There were overhangs along the trail to get better views of the waterfalls.  These gave me some opportunities for photos.


I almost ran right into this awesome looking spider:


If you are ever in the Poconos, pack a picnic lunch and walk all the way to the bottom of the trail.  There is a perfect spot here for a picnic, talking your shoes off, and wading in the water.


Our group was short on time (more exercise classes to attend and I had to check out), so we took a few photos and started the climb back to the top.


The climb back up really wasn’t that bad, the overhangs made for good resting points to catch your breath and take a few photos.  Overall, it was an excellent way to spend an hour.


Back at Deerfield Spa, I packed up my things, said my goodbyes, grabbed my packed lunch (apple and a turkey sandwich) and hit the road.  Deerfield Spa made for a fantastic weekend retreat.  If I ever get the chance to visit Deerfield Spa again, I definitely will and I’ll try to get a few friends to join me.  It would be a great bachelorette party destination or relaxing girls weekend.


Until next time, Deerfield Spa!

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