Hiking Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Welcome to the Tetons!  The views here are awesome! Today’s post is all about Hiking Grand Teton National Park.

Hiking Grand Teton Sign

Over the past two days, I’ve done some hiking around different lakes and up mountains.  Here are the highlights:

Jenny Lake is the most popular hiking trail and the one that came most recommended.  You take a boat ride across Jenny Lake for $8 and hike up to Hidden Falls.

Hiking Grand Teton Hidden Falls

Then you hike over to Inspiration Point before hiking into Cascade Canyon.

Hiking Grand Teton Inspiration Point

It was all in all a nice, short little hike that most people of average fitness could do with no problems.  I was not as enthused about this hike as others though.

Colter Bay is almost at the edge of Grand Teton National Park.  There is a short-ish wilderness hike along the lake which is very pretty.  However  right before we got to Colter Bay a black bear ran out in front of a truck two ahead of us.  I slammed on the brakes as to not rear-end the car ahead of me but my mad dash for the camera was too slow for the sprinting black bear.

Hiking Grand Teton Colter Bay

The Colter Bay hike started at the marina and moved into the wilderness.  The black bear sighting was fresh in my mind so I was terrified the whole time, looking around for giant bears.  I only saw one other person on the trail and all the forest surrounding me had me singing out loud to let the bears know I was coming through. Singing is recommended so you don’t scare the black bears into attacking you, if they hear you, they probably won’t attack, probably.  It turns out my brain kept making me sing “Going on a Bear Hunt” which was not okay.  I had to mentally scold myself and switch to my made-up song called “No Bears” and alternated with the alphabet and numbers in Spanish, Italian, French, and German.  I really wanted that bear to think the whole European Union was tromping through the woods.

Hiking Grand Teton Colter bay scenery

Hiking Grand Teton Flowers

My favorite hike in Grand Teton National Park was Taggart Lake hike. It was a quick 3 mile loop. You could make it longer to 5-8 miles but Mom was waiting for me back at the car- she has a bum foot.  The walk out was gorgeous but scary at points because I was alone and singing the “No Bears” song again.

Hiking Grand Teton Taggart Lake Hike

The lake with the mountains reflecting in it was my favorite spot of the trip so far.  I highly recommend you take the Taggart Lake hike if you ever make it to the Tetons!  On the way back to the car there were lots of other hikers so it was a lot less scary.

Hiking Grand Teton Taggart Lake

Here are some more mountain shots from different viewpoints around the park.

Hiking Grand Teton




It was a little hazy but it was gorgeous.  Glacier lakes are so clear!

Wildlife pictures from Yellowstone coming up next!

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  1. Lizzie says:

    This trip looks SO amazing! I am loving the pics. I am also laughing SO much about your made up song and saying the alphabet/numbers, haha! Two guests at my brother’s wedding in June saw black bears at some point during their weekend stay here in VA… one in the yard of the house they were renting and one while they were hiking! Yikes. Must be bear season!

  2. Wow, those views! Mountains are my favourite and these look like such beautiful ones 🙂

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