Hiking Rano Kao Trail to Orongo, Easter Island

After hiking through Patagonia, I felt little need to get much exercise.Easter Island does have a few hikes but the heat, humidity, and smallness of the island leave little in the way of hiking.

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Rano Kao is the name of an extinct volcano and is the trail that leads from Mataveri section of Easter Island (also the name of the airport) to Orongo, the ancient village.

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The hike up the volcano is pretty steep with only a bit of shade at the beginning. There are benches along the trail but there are also a lot of cows. They were not thrilled to see me walking through their pasture and were giving me the beady eye.

I started the hike early in the day to beat the heat so I did not see anyone else on the hike up and only saw two people on the way down. Luckily by the time I made it to the top there weren’t any tour vans yet. The crater lake of Rano Kao is basically it’s own ecosystem and is home to many different birds, bacteria, and plants. It was a very pretty sight.

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From my AirBnB in town the hike in total was about 10 km roundtrip. I definitely needed lots of water. I had a short picnic on a bench overlooking the caldera. Yet another empanada- a perfect hiking food.

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The village of Orongo at the top of the cliff has a few rock ruins but mostly has fantastic views.

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The walk back was uneventful except I ran into a few horses on the road. Just like in Vieques, Puerto Rico horses roam free on the island often and cars have to watch out!

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After one heck of a siesta and shower to cool off I ended up having an early dinner overlooking the ocean at Te Moana. Another pisco sour of course and some tuna tataki and rice along with some homemade bread.

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I’m going to turn into a tuna by the end of this trip! The ceviche, grilled fish, tataki, and sushi on Easter Island is so fresh and perfect.

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I devoured dinner and then walked over to the Moai in town for sunset.

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I read my Kindle book while waiting for nature’s nightly show and ending my day.

Next up on Easter Island are my adventures with my not-so-amazing rental car and seeing more Moai around the island and the beach!

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