Hiking Redwood National Park

Hiking through Redwood National Park for a totaled 8.8 miles on our trackers.  It is fun to have a step tracker on a vacation like this because some days end up being impressive. Redwood National Park is a strangely set up park in that it is mostly a California State Park with some “National Park” sections thrown in. But it is a free National Park!

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The Kuchel Visitor’s Center to the South is along the ocean and in a section known for it’s eerie fog and huge rogue waves. We watched the 1980s video about Redwood National Park while simultaneously using the free WIFI (cell coverage here stinks). I always make it a point to ask the park rangers what to do and she gave us a bunch of suggestions for hiking trails.

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The park ranger’s first suggestion was my favorite hike of the day called Trillium Falls Trail- an area that reminded me of the cartoon movie Fern Gully. Big trees, lots of foliage, a waterfall:

IMG_0296 (2)

A lot of photos of BC feeling small:

IMG_0294 (2)

IMG_0297 (1)

Hike #2, Cathedral Trees Trailhead, was a short one to see some more big trees but I didn’t realize exactly what kind of big things I’d be seeing. About a quarter mile into the trail a dad and his 10 year old son were giggling uncontrollably. I thought it was weird but then I saw it and starting poking BC in the arm and saying “penis, tree penis, that tree has a penis”.  BC was totally confused until he saw it and we were both giggling just like the dad and son.

IMG_9358 (2)

The penis tree is not on the path but isn’t far off of it. I had to climb over a fallen trunk but it is easy to walk to and point out the tree porn. This still makes me laugh.

After you see a tree penis what is left to see. We went to Fern Canyon but were less than impressed especially because the drive there was annoying. Other big trees trails were not as cool and BC was grumpy from all the hiking. But we kept on and walked another 3 miles along the Prairie Creek and ZigZag Trail.

IMG_9361 (2)

We saw trees that looked like dragon heads:

IMG_0312 (2)

And an elk butt;

IMG_9357 (2)

I will admit that I was happy to see Bertha parked along the road where we left her.  I was tired.


We booked a campsite at the Crescent City KOA but I had other priorities besides setting up camp. We went to SeaQuake Brewery where I got a sampler (and gave a lot of sips to BC) and a salad, BC ordered a pint and a pizza.  Basically, we ended up sharing everything and absolutely inhaled the food.  The beer was excellent too! The CPA, Citra IPA, and the brown ales were my favorite.

IMG_0321 (2)

I would definitely hit up this brewery if you find yourself in Crescent City or in Redwood National Park.

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  1. What a stunning area of the country! I have to go there someday!

  2. Rick says:

    One of the best journeys I’ve taken. The phallic tree was hilarious! Great post! Thanks!

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