Hiking to Delicate Arch

Sorry about the long delay between posts. My website was hacked by Russians, for real! Everyone I’ve told that to have gotten a good giggle out of it due to the current political chatter about Russian hacking and they hacked me, my little blog. The guys at Go Daddy, whom I feel like I know personally at this point, got a good laugh of out it too.  So now Andrea on Vacation has a new look and is up and running. Back to your regularly scheduled travel programming.

I’m back in action:

IMG_8842 (2)

Arches National Park on our second day  was even better than Day 1. We started off early in the morning and went hiking to Delicate Arch. Unfortunately a bus full of Chinese tourists beat us by a few minutes so we had to share the arch with them. If you do go hiking to Delicate Arch, go right at sunrise or right before sunset! It gets crowded.

Delicate Arch from afar:

Hiking to Delicate Arch from afar

The hike was listed as a moderate hike in the NPS newspaper guide they hand out to visitors. BC begs to differ.  The beginning half mile is pretty easy but then the hike goes straight uphill on a boulder for another half mile at least.

The hike up the rock:

Hiking to Delicate Arch the steady uphill climb

The end of the hike is walking along a fairly big ledge on the side of the cliff.  Hiking to Delicate Arch was not the easiest but I enjoyed it for the most part.

Hiking to Delicate Arch the cliff

At the end is the big payoff, Delicate Arch.

Hiking to Delicate Arch

After the hike down to our car (3.2 miles roundtrip and the 2nd half downhill), we went to see some more arches. There are over 2000 arches in Arches National Park but there are probably a couple dozen “main” arches.

IMG_8844 (2)

Sand dune arch was actually one of my favorites and an easy .3 mile hike from the parking lot.

IMG_8836 (2)

There was a tight squeeze for BC on the Sand Dune Arch trail.

IMG_8832 (2)

We hike around Devil’s Garden which is made up of a bunch of different hikes and arches up to 7.8 miles. We saw a few in the low light (and cooler temperatures) of the early evening but it didn’t make for great photos.

Arches is one of my favorite national parks in the United States.  Put Moab and Arches on your bucket list stat!

Blogger question: Have you ever had your website hacked?


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5 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    Yikes on the Russian hackers! That’s kind of crazy. That first hike does look difficult but well worth it in the end.

  2. Russian hackers? OH my!!! Glad you got it back up!
    These hikes look amazing. You’ve been making me want to take this trip!

  3. Megan says:

    I wondered why you were taking so long. So what did the Russians do? Post their own crazy travel stories??? Political commentary??

  4. These arches are amazing! Thanks again for coming by to linkup! Tweeting for you!

  5. Louise @ Travel the Unbeaten Path says:

    Ah I want to visit Arches so badly! It looks as gorgeous as I imagine it. About the hackers thing, SO bizarre. I get a lot of random Russian sites as traffic sources, so it looks like they’re trying to mess with a bunch of us bloggers. I’m glad you were able to work it out!

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