Hiking to Grey Glacier

Our last day in Torres del Paine began really early. We had to make the 11am ferry back to our van to begin the journey to Puerto Arenas. We rose with the sun for one last hike- to Grey Glacier this time.


Our campground really had lovely views!

IMG_2214 (2)

Four people in our group didn’t do this hike and stayed back at the campground as most of us were really sore from the preceding two days of hard hiking. I was pretty sore as well and was looking forward to not wearing my hiking shoes for a long time!

The first lookout on the hiking path was gorgeous but starting to cloud up and get chillier as we kept walking towards the glacier.

DSC00159 (2)

Unfortunately Grey Glacier is receding quickly. Grey Glacier used to encompass these little rock islands but now doesn’t even reach them.

DSC00161 (2)

The hike to Grey Glacier is much shorter and easier (sort of) than the past few days. I think we did about 9 miles roundtrip that took us to the second lookout over Grey Glacier.


On the way back we basically sprinted so we’d have enough time to use the restroom and change clothes before the ferry. We saw a fox right along the trail near the end of the hike too! I let out a wimpy scream and grabbed onto my new Irish friend, Sarah Jane, as she was talking away and didn’t see wander into our path. It was too fast for me to whip out the camera but that was the first fox I’ve seen in the wild.

IMG_2221 (2)

The ferry ride back was cold and windy! The clouds had rolled in and it sprinkled rain on us a bit. But I had to sit outside of the ferry to catch my last glimpses of Torres del Paine on this trip.

I’m in the white coat on the right:


Two nights camping and three days hiking is probably the longest I can do without a shower, proper bed, being cold, and hiking extensively while still having fun. Torres del Paine was an amazing adventure and I’m so glad I was able to go there. It is a very popular place for travelers to visit so plan your trip in advance and make the most of your time here. Someday I’d love to come back and do the one hike we missed on Day 1.

Reader Question: How many days can you do hard exercise without a shower? On Kilimanjaro we went a week without a shower and that was way to much for me! Smile

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Beautiful! This seems like it was an epic trip. I think I can go two or three days without a shower but a week definitely seems like it would be too much.

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