Hiking Watkins Glen State Park

The main entrance to Watkins Glen State Park is the starting point for Gorge Trail through the center of the the gorge along Glen Creek. You see 19 different waterfalls (although I didn’t count, the guide told me) and walk uphill about 500 ft. before reaching the top of the trail.

IMG_8202 (2)

It was a fairly chilly morning- around 48 degrees when we set off but the hiking kept us plenty warm.

IMG_2223 (2)

There are tons of cool rock formations and cracks, a geology fan would have fun time looking at all the evidence of different geological events.

A huge natural crack in the rock:

IMG_8204 (2)

My favorite part was the 19 waterfalls. My favorite was Cavern Cascade. You could walk behind the falls but make sure you hide your camera in your jacket not to get it too wet, there is a a lot of dripping water.

IMG_5924 (3)


It had rained a lot over the past few days so the water was moving!

The hike took about an hour to get to the top of the trial. At the top  is a nice park with a playground and the cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever seen at a park. A good place for a  quick rest before hiking back down.

IMG_8212 (2)

The Park Ranger Josh told us that most people take Indian Trail back down (a more woodsy trail) so we did that. Honestly I wish I would have taken Gorge Trail back just because the views were so much better. There is a South Rim Trail as well on the other side of the gorge, as Gorge Trail can get crowded.

IMG_8215 (2)

Since we left at 9am there was hardly anyone out on the paths yet, which was really nice. On our way back things looked much more crowded.

IMG_8217 (2)

Here I am at the top getting the birds-eye view of the gorge:

IMG_8223 (2)

Looking down:

IMG_5929 (3)

Overall it took us about an hour and a half to hike the trails. The scenery was amazing and the hike was not all that difficult. If you take plenty of photo and video stops it will be even easier. Watkins Glen State Park is a great stop in the Finger Lakes, add it to your itinerary when you are planning your next trip here!

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  1. Aggouni says:

    Amazing place … thanks for sharing

  2. We loved it! Stunning pics! Keep up posting! We would love to see you at Costa Rica.

    Costa rica eco lodge

  3. Fantastic! I love waterfalls so I think I will adore this park. I have seen pictures of the area on Pinterest. It is cool to have a different view from your perspective.

  4. I’m glad that the trails were open earlier this year! Last year, they were closed due to flooding for a little while. We went around my birthday (first week of June) and everything had just opened back up. Good call on going this time of year, it can get really busy in the summer. Beautiful place. Did you visit any of the other waterfalls/trails in the area? Highly recommend Taughannock Falls, too: http://justinpluslauren.com/taughannock-falls-state-park-ulysses-ny/

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