Hilton Head in the Off Season

The month of February is generally pretty dull at home. The cold weather keeps people inside and there are not many do-not-miss events. My favorite thing to do in February is go on vacation somewhere warmer than home. Since I was gone all of January to Egypt and Jordan, this year I stayed closer to home than normal while still visiting somewhere warmer and new- Hilton Head, South Carolina!

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Allegiant Airlines is a cheap, no-frills, pay for anything extra airline that services smaller and mid-sized airports. With some digging, I found some extremely cheap fares to Savannah out of Baltimore and decided to go for it. Sort of last minute I asked my mom and brother to go with me and they couldn’t wait to get out of snowy, cold Iowa.


We spent a few days in Savannah eating all the Southern cooking and took a daytrip to Tybee Island before heading to Hilton Head for some mid-week beach time.

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Being mid-week and in the off-season, Hilton Head was not crowded at all. It was a little too chilly to be lying on the beach or swimming but it was perfect for a beach run or walk. Everyday we were in Hilton Head, I took a beach run.

Our AirBnB was near Coligny Plaza so we shopped and ate there a few times. And had some happy hour beers.

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The Park Plaza movie theatre in Hilton Head was so cute! Mom and I saw a terrible movie but it was still fun. After the movie we went to One Hot Mama’s BBQ restaurant. We like it so much we came back the next day for brunch. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

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The Harbour Town Marina area wasn’t our cup of tea and you have to pay an entrance fee to even get to this side of Hilton Head Island. The plaid lighthouse is very cute though.

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But we did had some really good lunch at the Salty Dog Café. I had a large bunch of chargrilled oysters. They were so good!

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We just missed the Hilton Head Seafood Festival by a day. But because of the seafood festival, oysters were on sale here for half price. Yummy, inexpensive oysters with a some water views!

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The beach in Hilton Head was vast with loads of white sand. I would definitely come to Hilton Head again when it was a little warmer for the lovely beach. Skip the Harbour Town side of the island.

Reader Question: What is your favorite beach?

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  1. Julie says:

    ahhhh!! You visited one of my favorite little places in the world!! I love going in the offseason when it is quiet like that. The summer is fun too though and the whole place is bustling. We have a week booked in July with the boys!

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