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Dover, Delaware turned out to be a fantastic historical destination. Today I visited the  Air Mobility Command Museum, Johnson Victrola Museum, John Dickinson PlantationBiggs Museum of American Art, Golden Fleece Tavern, and Delaware’s Old State House and learned all about how Delaware became the USA’s first state.

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The AMC Museum is located next to Dover’s Air Force Base. The former Air Force Two retired here and was last used about 10 years ago for diplomatic purposes. Usually First Ladies and Vice Presidents used this plane.

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We were able to go inside and see the décor, dishes, and flight controls. The seats for the press corps were like first class seats on a mid-sized plane. I was impressed.

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There were all sorts of retired planes in the airfield here. Our guide is a former Vietnam War pilot and tried to teach us what we needed to appreciate some of the designs and functions of the planes.


My favorite was getting to go inside the giant C5, which can fly multiple tanks around (as well as many other things). It an impressive size- at least 5 times the size of my rowhouse.

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There is an inside section of the Air Mobility Command Museum as well. I thought this gun pod (I don’t know the real name for it) was very Star Wars-esque.

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The Johnson Victrola Museum was my surprise favorite of the day. You really only need 30 minutes to look at everything and speak with the director to get the history of the Victor Talking Machine Company and how it revolutionized the recording industry.

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The iconic painting of the dog listening into the gramophone:

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Overall, the museum is a quick and fun stop. Also it has free admission!

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The Biggs Art Museum does not have free admission but it worth a visit. I loved the outside sculpture on this warm, sunny day.

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Near the Biggs American Art Museum is the Old State House and Golden Fleece Tavern. The Golden Fleece Tavern is where the the Constitution was actually read, discussed, and signed and is considered the birthplace of the first state in the United States of America.

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I had a really fun day exploring Dover with a refresher in US history. Dover has a plethora a free museums and activities that would make for a fantastic and family-friendly getaway or daytrip.

Reader Question: What is your favorite small museum off the beaten path? I will have to go with American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and the UFO museum in Roswell, NM.

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