Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

It is that time of year again- gift-giving time! Don’t fall behind your on your shopping list list year by checking out some of my ideas for fantastic gifts for people who love adventure.

1) Modern Map Art of your favorite city

I love travel but I do love Baltimore too. Modern Map Art has country and many city maps (mostly US but a lot non-cities too). I chose the largest size of Baltimore to hang in my kitchen.

IMG_9893 (2)

I already have 2 Baltimore themed paintings to hang in my dining room and living room so this map rounded out my collection nicely. I put it in a frame from Michael’s and voilà- a gorgeous piece of art that makes me smile every time I see it!

IMG_9896 (2)

The detail in it is spot on.  Different size options from an 8×10 to poster-size (the size I have) make for a inexpensive yet awesome Christmas gift.

2) Lewis and Clark brand goodies

Travel accessories are some of my favorite items to receive. I never think to buy them myself but when I see other people with them it is “what a good idea!”.

IMG_0171 (2)

Since I spend a lot of my summer at the beach this waterproof (and sand-proof) pouch for my iPhone was a game changer. Instead of sitting on the sand every weekend this summer we rented a party boat a few times to do something different. The boat is so much fun but everyone was afraid to take photos for fear of losing their phone overboard with all the wind, waves, and water splashing about.


Luckily I had my waterproof case so I was able to capture all the fun and the gorgeous sunset that night. And it comes with a strap for your neck so you can just wear your phone. If your phone is going overboard it is because you are too!

Also good at the bar- if you are wearing your phone you can’t put it down and forget it somewhere Smile Good for absent-minded friends and family too!


3) Cute bags

IMG_9403 (2)

Name someone (male or female) who doesn’t like a stylish bag? I got this new turquoise computer bag that I travel with as my carry on now. I love it!


This is my go-to travel purse– big enough to hold my big camera but still be functional as a purse


Dudes these days, particularly my dude, loves his murse but loves his new hiking/carry-on Osprey Kestrel backpack even more. (Until my cat peed on it after he left it on the floor for a month- oops! Bad kitty!) The old college backpack needs to go!


He used this as a carry-on and daypack for our Western US National Park Roadtrip and our more recent Scotland/England adventure.

4) Take a trip!

Go on a trip with your family, friends, and loved ones instead of presents. Make memories, enjoy the experience. My friend Kate and her family “buy” each other a vacation every year. Two years ago was Nicaragua, last year was Guatemala, and this year was Rocky Mountain National Park. I think this is the best idea!

Looking cold in Germany with my sister and BC:

Set1 037

My family is pretty good about this one but we could be better- hint hint!

Hopefully I’ve given you a few ideas about good gifts this holiday season. Get online and get it done early so you can enjoy the holidays instead of stressing about shipping dates and overcrowded parking lots!

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    Great ideas! I love the idea of taking a trip, or even exploring a fun local option 🙂

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