Hostelling and A Review of Kex Hostel in Reykjavik

Don’t be scared to stay in hostels! It is the preferred accommodation for young adults in Europe.  When I backpacked through Europe in my early 20’s it was the only option in a lot of the big expensive cities being a poor college student.  Nowadays more older adults are getting back into hostelling and hostels are adding more amenities.

Reykjavik was my return to hostelling because Iceland is so expensive!!!  Here is my review of the place.

I stayed at KEX, a pretty big hostel a block from the ocean and a 5 minute walk to the marina- great location.  My room was a shared, 6 bed, female-only room.  It was clean but the lingering smell of feet wasn’t my favorite. There were lockers to hold all your stuff and lock it up.  But who spends time in their room? Not me. The common rooms were very hip.  I liked to write blog posts here.

IcelandDay1 027

Books to give and take.  I left two.

IcelandDay1 029

IcelandDay1 025

There was a restaurant and bar next to the common room.  I had a beer here- ‘twas delicious.

The 3 nights I was at KEX hostel, there was a music festival of sorts happening.  They had a different band every night til 11.  Not such a big deal because that’s when the sun started disappeared for the day (I was there in August).  It was light out from about 330 am to 11pm.

IcelandDay3 001

This band I really liked.

Overall, I would recommend Kex Hostel to anyone wanting to backpack in Iceland.  However, I think a lot of people I know would not be able to share a room with 5 other girls who sometimes are loud, like the room warmer/cooler than you, and have 5 am planes to catch.  But it was cheaper than a hotel by a lot!  I’m cool with hostelling at clean places with good locations, and this is one of the cleanest, most friendly hostels I’ve been too.

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