Hot Trip to Phoenix

This  past week I’ve been busy swimming, celebrating 4th birthdays, taking first day of school pictures, and eating a lot of Mexican food- I’ve been in Phoenix visiting my nieces and nephew!


Enjoying Phoenix in August can be a challenge when it gets really hot outside. Luckily there are swimming pools everywhere, one day we went to Wet ‘n Wild waterpark too. I’m the cool aunt that gets to ride on the water slides to add weight to the raft. Thank goodness I’ve eaten my weight in burritos this week Smile 


My youngest niece turned 4 last week so we did a lot of fun things like roller skating. I haven’t roller skated in almost 20 years but as it turns out it is just like riding a bike. Surprisingly after a few minutes on my wheels, I was skating without looking like a baby deer.

imagejpeg_0(3) (1)

The Cerreta Candy Factory has a $2.50 tour that was not super informative but they gave you free candy. Yay for us!


The candy was good too- a caramel, a chocolate, a chocolate mint, rice Krispy treat dipped in chocolate, and white chocolate pretzels.I traded the kids caramels for my chocolate. Everyone was happy!


They made chocolate bears too. I perused that candy store with my $2.50 coupon (free with the $2.50 tour- see what they did there!).


On the hottest day of my trip we went to the Phoenix Aquarium area where they were having a special day with a foam party and fire trucks with hoses.

20190804_095335 (2)

Everyone, including the adults in regular clothes jumped in on the action- it was hot.

Screenshot_20190805-155845_The Weather Channel (2)

Because it was so hot I paid $10 (everyone else was free because they were aquarium members) to go into Polar Play Ice Bar. It was cold in there and it felt like heaven. We wore parkas with our shorts.

ice bar Cassie

The ice bar itself is my least favorite of the ones I have visited before in Chena Hot Springs, Alaska and in Stockholm, Sweden. Those were way, way better! But on a smoking hot day in Phoenix, it will be a nice change from excessive boob sweat.

Ice Bar fam

And of course I have to talk about the food I ate on my Phoenix trip. My favorite meal was a simple green chile beef burrito from Armandos on Carefree Highway. It cost me $6.50 and was next door to the place I got a pedicure while the kids were at a neighborhood kid’s birthday party. Armando’s has a whole list of breakfast burrito options too. I will be back!


Of course I had enchiladas, taco salads, chips, guac, salsa, and more on this trip too. I had to get my Mexican fill in until the next time I come to visit. The food here is tasty!

Caesar and Cleo loafing in the hallway:

20190804_085436 (2)

That about wraps up my past week in Phoenix visiting family. If you have any Phoenix-area suggestions for me, leave it in the comments. I am always looking for different and fun things to do in the area! Bonus points if it can involve kids.

First day of school dab + a zombie:


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