Hubbard Glacier, Alaska and Life Onboard Oceania Regatta

Sea days while cruising can be uneventful, relaxing days. Usually reading books, visiting the gym, refueling at the buffets, laying poolside, and shipboard organized activities fill up the day. In Alaska, things are a bit different as a pool day is not possible but the scenery outside the ship can more than make up for it.

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On this sea day, the Oceania Regatta sailed into Glacier Bay, part of Glacier Bay National Park,  to view the impressive Hubbard Glacier.

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Sailing into Glacier Bay from the Inside Passage was glorious as we were surrounded by mountains, and mostly blue, clear skies. Keeping our eyes peeled for seals was essential since it was birthing season and they tend to give birth on top of the icebergs here.

Our ships had to wait its turn sailing up to Hubbard Glacier because of the smallness of the area and the fact that the day we went there were so much ice in the water.

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Unfortunately while we were waiting our turn the ice prevented the captain from moving us right up next to the 400 feet tall glacier so we had to view it from afar. But it was still beautiful.


The Oceania Regatta is a smaller ship with a 280 passenger capacity. On this cruise we booked semi-last minute so we ended up getting the last cabin on the ship- also the worst cabin on the ship. Oh well, you really aren’t in your room that much anyway.


My favorite place to hang out was in the bar/lounge area on the top deck forward, affording fantastic views of the scenery. A lot of people congregated up here on sea days to look for humpback whales, orcas, seals, dolphins, and more. The oceanographer on board was usually up there too pointing out anything he saw.

We were treated to a few good humpback whale jumping shows. I didn’t get a good photo but here is a fin.


The other place Mom could always find me was in the gym, which was quite lovely and had lots of yoga, Pilates, and spin classes for free. One must visit the gym after eating all the really good food on board. Oceania has the best tasting food of any cruise line I’ve traveled with, by far (and I have been on many different lines)!!! Mom had lobster 4 nights in a row at one point.

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The two specialty restaurants on board Regatta are free as well and the food was on point. My least favorite thing about the eating situation was that both specialty restaurants and dining room can take up to 2 to 2 1/2 hours to eat your meal. Ugh, that is not for me. Mom humored me and we went to the buffet most nights (they had lobster so Mom was happy!).

Reader Question: What is your favorite seafood? Can you eat lobster 4 nights in a row?

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