Hula Hooping and Big Bands- Healdsburg, CA

My favorite things today were hula hooping, big bands, purple sequined shirts, and wine of course. Rebekah spent our last full day in Healdsburg, California having a blast. We opted to wine taste in the Dry Creek Valley and found a gem of a winery.

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Bella Vineyards and Wine Caves holds tastings inside the wine cave and was really cool. We met some other Marylanders and made friends with another couple as well- swapping stories of our favorite wineries and restaurants.

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Once the tasting was over we took our last pour outside to hang out in the shade where we found some hula-hoops. It turns out, I still have it! Rebekah and I had a hula hoop contest and I won the prize. Holy cow I don’t remember hula hooping working my core so much and making me tired. I’m old.


Wine stop #2 of the day was something completely different. Timber Crest Farm rented out a bunch of space and buildings to different wine makers to make it’s own wine collective of 6 wineries. Rebekah read up on them and picked Kokomo for us to try. Most of the wineries here had great reviews so picking one was tough.

The resident dog greeted us and later came back to patient wait for us to drop our picnic food.


We were the only people in Kokomo when we arrived which is nice. The undivided attention is good for learning more about wine which can be nice if that is your thing. Our new friends from Bella Vineyards stopped in at the end so we had some friends to hang out with.

Lots of Kokomo swag:

IMG_9396 (2)

We drank some yummy reds and I left with a bottle to pack in my suitcase. And yes, it did make it home unscathed. I actually packed two bottles wrapped in clothes and nestled in my shoes. #winning

Our little picnic at Kokomo was fun because of the dog but it was 98 degrees that day so we packed it in and called it a day. Sometimes you just can’t taste any more wine.

IMG_0514 (2)

Around 5pm the Healdsburg town square starts hopping on Summer Tuesdays. Live music from the pavilion starts at 6pm, the wine flows, and food stands open for business. We wandered to the square and claimed a spot on the fountain’s edge.

IMG_0511 (2)

Peanut veggie noodles from the vegan food stand were amazing! . And red wine of course (our bottle purchased from Alexander Valley Vineyards yesterday. We made more friends with the people around us- most of whom were significantly older. The band played 30’s and 40’s style big band/swing music and everyone got up and danced. It was really fun!

And with that the end of my time in California wine country. I enjoyed Healdsburg so much more than I enjoyed Napa and even Sonoma. It is far less expensive and way less pretentious. So if you like wine and want to not spend a fortune, make your way to Healdsburg.

Reader Question: What is your next vacation?  Any more trips planned the rest of the summer?

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