Volcano climbing in Bali- Climbing Mt. Batur

I climbed a volcano! Well, mostly anyway.  My group started off the day in Bali in the dark at 3am to start climbing Mt. Batur.  The 2.5 hour journey was a crisp and refreshing one after our long days in the heat and humidity.

Climbing Mt. Batur Bali the start

The path was illuminated by the flashlights we purchased the day before. The point of the climb was to get to the top of Mt. Batur before sunrise.  Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. There was some weird weather going on and wind gusts were over 50 mph.

I put on all the warm clothes I had but here I am freezing my butt off and blowing away:

Climbing Mt. Batur Bali windy

Since no one felt like being blown off the mountain and into the lower volcanic crater we opted to go only 2 hours up to the main volcanic crater area of Mt. Batur.  Still a pretty sunrise.

Climbing Mt. Batur Bali cloudy sunrise 2


There is a small coffee shop at the main crater where we waited to get a break from the wind. The coffee in Bali is not my favorite so I drank my water and waited for the sunrise.

A little bit cloudy 🙁

Climbing Mt. Batur Bali cloudy sunrise

The walk down Mt. Batur was worse than the one coming up.  I only fell on my butt twice (!) which compared to some people, was doing good.

Today was great because it was finally cool.  We sweated and used our fitness skills to get up and down the mountain but it was refreshing!

Climbing Mt. Batur Bali

Today we are heading to Lovina, a beach town resort area for some fun in the sun, snorkeling, and tanning time.  And our next hotel has air-conditioning.

Consider me excited!

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  1. June 9, 2015

    […] can stop complaining about the heat for a bit because we are heading higher into the mountains to climb a volcano.  We start at 3am so it will be much cooler.  More from Bali […]

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