I Love Florence!


Moving on from my Africa trip to talk about Florence, Italy because that is where I am now.  Actually, I just left Florence for Greece but who’s really keeping track 🙂

Right outside our Florence apartment (found on Air BnB)is Palazzo Vecchio in Piazza della Signoria:


Florence is my favorite city in the whole world. Seriously, I’ve been a lot of places but Florence remains #1 in my heart.  The summer after my sophomore year in college, my best friend Christina and I studied at Lorenzo de Medici College in the center of Florence.  And by study I mean that I took Italian and cooking classes and Christina took photography.  That meant every night we wandered in the piazzas, drinking wine because it was cheaper than water, eating gnocchi, pizza, and gelato, and taking in the views and art of the Renaissance. It was definitely the best summer of my life.

Favorite sight in all of Europe:  The Duomo


Here is San Lorenzo church across the street from where I lived.


My old apartment entrance:


I had been back only once for a day trip on a cruise about 5 years ago which only whetted my appetite for more Florence fun.  And the time is here finally!  3 days in Florence.  I really could spend a few weeks here and I just might try to do that soon.


The flight from Baltimore to Europe did not go well.  There were tornado warnings in New York City so our flight out of Baltimore was super-delayed.  We ran to our Paris flight and while I made it, Mom made a wrong turn somewhere and didn’t get there in time (shocker- my mom is very directionally challenged!).  We ended up on the next Paris flight and hopped to Florence after that on the flight after the one we were originally supposed to be on.  While the flights ended up being A-Okay, our luggage was not.  It did not make it to Florence that night or even the night after.

On the Ponte Vecchio walking towards Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens:


Pitti Palace:


I wandered around Florence in my dirty clothes taking photos, eating gelato, and having a great time.  After the all-important shopping spree for clean underwear, toothbrush/toothpaste, and deodorant, Air France found our luggage!!!  We took a taxi to the airport for 40 Euro roundtrip but it was so worth it.  Yay for luggage!  I was so happy to change my clothes, thank goodness I hadn’t yet sprung for some I Love Florence sweatpants.  The Salvation Army in Baltimore would have gotten a hoot out of that.

Ponte Vecchio:


Here’s to three days in my favorite city in the world!

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