Iceland is not covered with ice (at least in the summer).  I heard that the land was so green and gorgeous.  Now I can confirm that not all is green.  Much of what I saw today was poop brown.  Granted I didn’t go far, but this part is not pretty.

IcelandDay1 003

The scenery coming from the airport.

Today I went to Blue Lagoon which is a natural hot springs.

IcelandDay1 008

The very brown volcanic rock walk to the lagoon.

IcelandDay1 012

The color of the lagoon was actually more white with grey than blue but it was so fun to play in it.

I made friends with some Canadians and we chatted for an hour and wandered around the lagoon.. The steam in the background is the natural hot spring shooting out boiling water.  They don’t let you get too close but around there the water temperature is a lot higher and you can only stand over there for a few minutes.  They also collected giant buckets of white goo which is some kind of miracle facial scrub.  I put it on my arms and chest and the residue wouldn’t scrub off the rest of the day.  Good thing I didn’t put it on my face like everyone else.

Another fun fact:  The lagoon people (and my guidebook) warned us not to go under water unless we first put lots of special conditioner in our hair prior to going in the lagoon.  Apparently the minerals in it ruin people’s hair on a daily basis.  I pulled my hair back in a Britney Spears bun and called it good.

IcelandDay1 014

Part of the lagoon on the outside the buildings.

After the lagoon (and a shower), I walked around Reykjavik for a while.

IcelandDay1 002

Hallgrimskirkja- the largest church in Iceland made to resemble a volcanic formation.

IcelandDay1 019

The Harpa-  concert hall and convention center.  It looks cooler in person because the windows reflect purple and gold (Go Sabers!)

IcelandDay1 020

This is the Culture House.  It has a long Icelandic name but some of the letters don’t exist on my keyboard so we are sticking to Culture House.  Inside are some medieval manuscripts from as early as 1200 AD and holds the only copy of Greenland Saga about Liefur Eiriksson’s discovery of the Americas.  It was very old and cool looking.  They don’t let you take pictures of that stuff so all I can post is this sort of boring building.

Then I ate fish and chips.  The fish is sooooooo good.  So good.  It makes sense given that Iceland is and island nation.

IcelandDay1 023

Iceland is also very expensive.  This meal cost $21 and is considered one of the most casual and cheapest around.  Good thing i brought a lot of granola bars.

Tomorrow I’m going inland to see volcanoes, geysers, and waterfalls.  Hopefully it will be more green!

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