Iguanas! And a Nature Walk


Since most of the activities in San Ignacio were washed out due to the recent heavy rains, the group had to come up with a plan be or be very bored all day.  We researched and ended up at a fancy hotel (San Ignacio Resort Hotel) that had an Iguana Conversation Center in its backyard.  This was a very cool place!

San Ignacio Iguana Project

The population of iguanas in Central America has decreased significantly due to overhunting by humans.  Technically hunting iguanas and eating them it illegal but people do it anyway.  The San Ignacio Iguana Project breeds iguanas and sets them free in the wild.  Only about 4% of iguana eggs actually survive their first 6 months.  By keeping them in the conservation center 85% survive their first 6 months and are set free between 6 months and 1 year of age.

Some of these iguanas are injured and are lifers in the project.

San Ignacio iguana project iguanas

Mr. Gomez rules the roost:

San Ignacio Iguana Project Mr Gomez

Iguanas like to be warm so climbing on people is their favorite. We give off a lot of body heat.

San Ignacio iguana project 2

I refrained from having them climb all over me.  No thanks.

The little guys were my favorite though.


The Iguana Project was really fun.  If you have ever traipsing through Belize, stop at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel  to check out the iguanas.

One of my tour group members is a landscape architect and the other a chemist so they were really interested in plants.  We had nothing else to do so a medicinal plant tour at the Belize Botanic garden.  It is located at duPlooy’s Jungle Resort which is a good drive from the city and was very hilly!!!

Some fun shots:


Crab spider:SanIgnaciocrabspider


Spider that lives in a shell:SanIgnaciospiderwithashell

Yesterday, today, tomorrow flowers:



Random turtle in the flooded pond:


Today in San Ignacio, Belize turned out pretty great.  I had low expectations because the “normal” things people do were all closed. Sometimes going outside your comfort zone and trying new experiences ends up being the most fun.

We are on to Guatemala and sunny weather!

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  1. Megan says:

    Boo to bad weather. Seems like everything is getting ruined by the rain! Guess you will have to go back and do the regular tourist stuff now that you have done all the random, obscure stuff.

  2. Megan says:

    Yes Caden was very impressed although he insists the first picture is frogs and the rest are iguanas. Also he wants to be sure you know he does NOT want an iguana on his head. He also liked the picture of the kinkajou (yes he knows what that is- its a nightwatchman for Diegos rescue center:)

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