Iguassu Falls- From Argentina

Iguassu Falls lies along the border of Brazil and Argentina which are separated here by the Iguassu River right before it merges with the Parana River. 80% of Iguassu Falls are in Argentina and it was my favorite side to visit. The Brazil side is known for the panorama views, while in Argentina you can get up close and personal with Iguassu Falls.

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Technically Paraguay borders Iguassu Falls as well but they have been muscled out of the actual falls themselves. I saw Paraguay as we crossed the Parana River but we didn’t go in.

Fun fact: The English spelling is Iguassu; Spanish: Iguazú; Portugeuse: Iguaçu

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While the Argentinian side of Iguassu isn’t as photogenic as the Brazilian side per se, you can hike right up to parts of the falls and get soaked! The hike along the metal platform without shade made the getting wet part quite nice.

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Again, it was quite crowded and we were the 2nd group let into the park that day. But well worth it, no matter what. It was almost a new sport trying to take selfies without getting anyone else in the photo. Here is the only I managed after some cropping.

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There is a dopey train that take you around the National Park which we took to different sections of the falls. These birds hitched a ride with us and started circling like I was in the Hitchcock movie The Birds. This guy also reminded me of Lamar Jackson (shout-out to any Ravens fan).

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The middle section of the park was a hot walk that was gorgeous but if you are going to skip anything, this would be it. It was right before lunch and my stomach was letting me know.

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I ate some empanadas at the lunch place and drank the coldest water and Diet Coke I could find. Staying hydrated in the rainforest can be challenging with all the sun and high humidity levels. My hair was frightening.

Also watch out for Jaguars, they live here! Not too many but they are making a comeback now that they are protected.

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Our final adventure of the day on the Argentinian side of Iguassu Falls was down into the gorge to get a view of the falls from below. There are boat rides that are supposed to take you up to the falls where you get soaked.

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However, the water levels of the river were so low that most boats weren’t even making trips out to the falls. We managed to get one that was running but we had to stay at a distance due to low river levels.

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While not quite worth the money we spent, it was an enjoyable way to see Iguassu Falls. But word of caution, you have to hike down into the gorge and then back up. I haven’t sweated like that in a long time (and I’m a runner!).

At the end of the day, we  drove back to the Brazilian side, hung out at the hotel pool with some cold beverages, and I snuggled with my aggressive towel animal which we decided was a cow.


Iguassu Falls is one of the most fantastic natural scenes I have ever visited. One day on the Brazil side and one in Argentina is the perfect way to do Iguassu before moving on on your next South American adventure.

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