I’m in Bali!

My mom and brother in Iowa are getting a major snowstorm and I’m sitting on my balcony at my hotel in Ubud, Bali.


It is 8am and about 85 degrees with 85% humidity.  I may melt when the heat of the day ramps up.  Yesterday is was 37 degrees Celsius, which according to my Celsius to Fahrenheit converter in my brain (nope, don’t have a clue what the formula is anymore) means that it was really freaking hot.  Someone please be a pal and convert that for me and post it in the comments section!

So far I haven’t done anything in Ubud besides fight horrendous traffic, sweat a lot, and hang by the pool.  The exploration begins in about 30 minutes after I write this post.  For now, check out my hotel pictures.  I’m staying at some cute villas in central Ubud.


I have a great balcony with some cute views of the courtyard below.



And my room is big!  Fan cooled only which is not ideal for the daytime heat but at night it is okay.


Neat hotel room ceiling:


And the glorious, cold pool!  This was heaven after the long, sweaty car ride from the airport.


This is the outside lock to my door which I secure when I leave.  There is a deadbolt on the inside.


I have never had a room with a padlock before and it felt that my belongings were very secure.  Random.

Fantastic purchase of the day goes to my Jellyfish Crisps.  They were really made of jellyfish and were sweet and salty but way too fishy.  I ate four and then tossed them in the trash.


Off to explore Ubud before some afternoon pool time.

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6 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    98.6 degrees

  2. Sarah says:

    Even I would get hot….and that’s when we know it’s HOT!

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