I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat


My day started out like most people’s day- with breakfast.  However this was my view on the way to get breakfast.



Then we left Ko Phi Phi on a boat. (cue the I’m On A Boat song)


Roommate picture (also a good picture to see that I did not start out the day as sunburned and lobsterish as I am at the end of the day)

The boat took us a lot of places:  To the beach from the movie The Beach– also known in real life as Maya Bay.


The beach itself was overrun with tourists and super disappointing.  However, most people weren’t swimming so when we got in water and swam around it was heaven.  Crystal clear blue green waters, white sand, warm water, and very little of those pesky biting sea lice creatures.  I didn’t bring my camera on shore because I knew we would be swimming but others did so I’ll post some of those later.


There were monkeys on the other side of the island.  Three little monkeys sitting in a tree (instead of bed which is all I kept thinking and singing to myself).


Snorkeling.  There were tons of fish but we didn’t see in reef sharks in Shark Bay. I’m still scared of sharks so I’m okay with that.

I neglected to take pictures at Bamboo Island where we had lunch and frolicked on the beach for a few hours.  #bloggerfail  It was gorgeous there.  The best beach I’ve been on ever maybe.

After our long day everyone was sunburned or sick from food poisoning from last night’s meal (not me with the food poisoning thankfully!!!) so we had a quiet night at the hotel back on Ko Phi Phi.  That quiet night featured a fire show from some local talent.  It was a great show!!!!!  Here are some shots from it that turned out cool.

PhiPhiIslandfireshow PhiPhiIslandfireshow2 PhiPhiIslandfireshow3

Tomorrow I’m scuba diving bright and early, climbing a mountain in the afternoon, and going clubbing at night with the group if I haven’t already succumbed to the heat and humidity. The next post might be a wee bit late due to my ambitiousness.

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