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Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe is a serene ocean overlook guest house on the Basse-Terre side of the Caribbean island country. Guadeloupe is shaped like a butterfly with the flat side to the east called Grand-Terre which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the more nature, mountainous side named Basse-Terre overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe me

Searching for accommodation in Guadeloupe was not the easiest thing. There were only a few hotels on the major websites (Expedia, Kayak) and none were part of a chain except for the sold-out Club Med. My search turned to Air B&B where I was completely overwhelmed as I know nothing about Guadeloupe and had no one to ask.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe pool

Finally a fellow blogger clued me into how the sides of the island were different- and she preferred Basse-Terre. With my search narrowed I found Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe views from  hammock chair

Infiniti Blue is a brand new guest house run by Sam and Pascale. Sam previously worked in the airline travel industry and was clearly having the time of his life running the guesthouse and photographing the beauty of Basse-Terre.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe flowers

There are 3 separate guest cottages and one room attached to the main house yet completely separate with its own entrance, bathroom, and air conditioner (not the norm in Guadeloupe but very necessary!). We stayed in the room which was perfect for Mom and I. There was a bright orange fan that made good white noise to drowned out the birds chirping at night and the rooster roosting most of the day.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe hammock chair

While we were at Infiniti Blue we spent most of our time in the back patio area with the infinity pool, bar, kitchen, pool loungers, hammock chair, and hot tub.

Book reading time from the hammock chair:

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe hammock chair reading

Amy the cat always said hi in the morning but disappeared during the day only to reappear at night when she was tired.  Ruby the dog is 5 months old and roamed about the grounds but usually stuck with her owners.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe cat + view

Breakfasts came with a great view. They were french-style and included a giant fruit platter, star fruit juice and homemade bread, jam, and butter. Our second morning I was introduced into the world of delicious coconut butter. Try it if you get a chance.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe fruit breakfast plate

The grounds at Infiniti Blue had a lot of colorful flowers and  fruit trees. From my hammock chair, I had views of flowers, trees, sea, and sky.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe flora

Occasionally I got into the pool to cool off. Infiniti Blue has two floating rafts that we used when it got too hot to sit in the sun.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe backyard

I definitely needed more sunblock than I used because the front of my legs are pretty sunburned.  Oops! Getting in and out of the pool washes it off faster than I think it should. I shall be using the sun umbrella tomorrow!

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe pool me

The sun sets on the Caribbean side of the island giving Infiniti Blue the perfect view.

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe sunset

More to come from Guadeloupe soon! We finally made it to a restaurant and learned how to drive up and down the hill with a manual transmission.

Reader Question: Do you do lazy Sundays are is that the day you use to get errands done and prepare for the week?



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