Inveraray, Scotland

Today was our first day journeying through the Scottish countryside from Glasgow to Inveraray. Outside of Glasgow is Loch Lomond, a very highly traffic destination for tourists and Scottish folks on the weekends. This was also our (BC’s actually) first day learning to drive on the other side of the road- a high stress day for sure!

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Once at the town Luss on Loch Lomond and navigating the narrow roads we immediately sought out food, ending up at Coach House Coffee Shop for lunch.

IMG_0771 (2)

BC tried to order the Haggis but they were out so he ate the quiche, salad, and coleslaw. We are definitely going to try the Scottish fare while we are here but lunch was a bust for trying new things. I had vegetable soup and brown bread which tasted fantastic on this windy 55 degree day.

IMG_0774 (2)

And a pot of tea for two:

IMG_0779 (2)

After lunch we strolled for a bit around Luss before heading back out on the roads (scary!) on our way to Inveraray.

IMG_9993 (2)

Inveraray is a cute, small town recommended by my Fodor’s guide book so I booked a room over a coffee shop Brambles, along the main street for the night. Once settled in our upgraded suite with 2 king sized beds (so rare to find even one!), BC and I went to Inveraray Castle about a mile away.

IMG_9995 (2)

Side view from the gardens when the sun came out for the first time all day:


The inside:

IMG_0003 (2)

They had a lot of photograph stills of Downton Abbey as there were some scenes filmed outside the castle for the show. The gardens were beautiful and the inside had rooms that were haunted, filled with weapons, and even some portraits of Dukes past who were beheaded- yikes!


After the castle was mess-with-BC-time. I had him do everything silly so I could take photos. Like “sit on this bench and see what happens”:

IMG_9413 (2)_LI

The obligatory red phone booth photo:


And the fake arrest outside the historic jail/museum pose:

IMG_9416 (3)

Just like that it was time to eat again. We attempted to go to the George Hotel but the not even half full restaurant could not accommodate us. There are not a lot of options for food in Inveraray for dinner as everything closes at 5pm except for a few places. Luckily a fish and chips shop stayed open and we ate some delicious fried fish and French fries at one of the outdoor tables. Two thumbs up!


It was a good day in Scotland with the Inveraray Castle being my favorite sight. Next up is some Harry Potter scenery!

Reader Question: Are you a bigger fan of Downton Abbey, Outlander, or Harry Potter?

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