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Last weekend I headed home to Iowa to hang out with my family (and a friend) and eat all the food. Mom and I always make a list of things to do and places to eat while I am home. This year’s list was pretty epic with some new restaurants, old favorites, the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, shopping, Star Trek, and gambling at the casino.

IMG_6831 (2)

I haven’t been to the Machine Shed in years but it was on the way home from the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library so we stopped in for some Iowa-style food.  While not a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives spot it was featured on Food Paradise on the Travel Channel, the TV channel right up my alley.

IMG_6833 (2)


The décor outside and inside was very Iowa. I snapchatted to my little hearts content outside to make everyone jealous of all the farm tools and ears of corn surrounding me Smile

IMG_6832 (2)

I decided burnt ends would be a good way to round out my delicious salad bar meal and man, was I right! Burnt ends are best- little meat nuggets of goodness.


Later that day we wandered down to the Bix Festival to check out the party and people watch. Bix is a 7 mile road race that is huge in the area with over 18,000 participants. I’ve never actually run it but my dad did for many years and now a lot of my friends do it.

IMG_6839 (2)

For the past 2 years I’ve ridden by bike across Iowa for RAGBRAI instead, which also ends on Bix 7 race day. It is impossible to do both. This year I did neither! #lazy

All of my favorite foods in one place: corn dogs, nachos, and funnel cake!!!

IMG_6844 (2)

I held off from eating all the junk at the Bix festival because I was getting ready for my all time favorite Iowa food- Happy Joe’s taco pizza! I’ve traveled no where that does taco pizza like this (if I find it at all).

IMG_6846 (2)

Mom and I took a break from eating out one meal and made sweet corn, green beans, and fresh tomatoes from this roadside stand.

IMG_6852 (2)

Seriously, sweet corn from Iowa beats the pants off Maryland’s sweet corn. BC wanted me to bring some back in my suitcase but alas, I did too much shopping and didn’t have any more room.  A shopping win but a sweet corn fail.


Other than that we hung out on the Mississippi River with friends:

IMG_6856 (2)

And drank beers on the dock at sunset.


It was a good little Iowa weekend. It went way too fast but it was still good to get home once this year!

Reader Question: What is your favorite food from your hometown?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, that pie game looks strong indeed! I’m getting hungry just reading about all this delicious food 🙂

  2. Those pies!!! And taco pizza? Yes, please!

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