It was just like spin class but hotter and with homemade wine


Today the group rode bikes through Ubud to some villages on the outskirts.  Two people were smart and said “No!” and rode in a van behind us.  I officially have heat rash, sunburn, Monica hair, and a crabby disposition.  Our guide said the ride would be “net up”, meaning there would be hills but mostly we would climb.

We look a lot of breaks so no one ended up with heat exhaustion.  Fruit break first!  This guy is a Rambutan.  Really sweet inside and super cool looking outside.

Ubud2 047

And then the dreaded Durian.  The durian was the prickly fruit I took a picture of at the market  the other day and couldn’t remember what it was then.  The Durian smells so foul that it is banned in a lot of enclosed spaces in Asia- like airplanes and airports.


This one wasn’t as ripe as it should have been but if you can get past the putrid smell, the taste isn’t bad.

Offerings are outside every store,  house, hotel room, and restaurant.  They are meant to give show respect to ancestors, gods, and demons.  They can only be used once and then a new one placed the next day.  These things are everywhere.  Some have flowers and rice and some flowers and ritz crackers.  Strange but true.


More biking through Bali again before stopping for some homemade wine and cold water.


The wine is made from palm and is quite tart and gross.  I guess it does the trick for the locals because wine grapes are hard to grow in a tropical climate.

More rice fields:


That is where is got unbearably hot and we had a few more riders drop out.

Finally, the end!


Lake and Dam

Next up was our pool at the hotel in Sideman for some much needed cooling off.

Ubud2 054

And a delicious, cold Bingtang.


Sideman is up in the mountains a bit so it can be a bit cooler but just a bit.  There is no internet up here so this post is a day or two late.  Later today we walk around Sideman and head to our next stop higher up in the mountains.

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2 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    Ok that wine looks disgusting. Did you really drink it? It looks like its all muddy…. Ew. So I take it Bali isn’t a fave destination, too hot?

    • Andrea says:

      Yep I really drank it. And I’m alive. Bali is great except for the heat. If I was staying at hotels with air conditioning I would be a lot happier but not very many have it.

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