It’s Spring! Getting out of the Neighborhood

This year’s weather is awesome- we are actually getting a Spring! I love Spring- minus the pollen. Outdoor activities and fresh air are king during Spring. To take advantage of the sun and mild temperatures, the Saturday hike idea came up in conversation. BC and I decided to drive outside the Baltimore city limits to Patapsco Valley State Park and hit up Cascade Falls Trail .

IMG_9200 (2)

Everyone else had the same idea as us so the entrance gate, parking, and trail itself were filled with other hikers. But once we got past the first mile, we basically had the place to ourselves (and one other super-friendly couple).

While the sights on Patapsco Valley State Park  hiking trails don’t quite compare to the sights on hikes on our recent National Parks roadtrip, it was the perfect, quick escape from city life. Not hearing the sound of traffic constantly does wonders for the soul.

In the middle of the 7 mile round-trip jaunt we took, this creepy abandon house came into view. We deemed it the Blair Witch House, which took place in Maryland. It seems like a haunted place where people could have been killed in the basement. You think?

IMG_9201 (2)

Luckily the super-nice hiking couple that was near us most of the trek was near us at this point. I felt safer knowing if we were taken by the Blair Witch, we had backup.

And at the end of every great Saturday hike requires sustenance. We drove back into the city and avoided our neighborhood (the O’s/Yankee game was just letting out) so we went to Canton to Southern Provisions for some grub. I ordered these ridiculous French fries, called Crack fries,  for an appetizer with pulled pork, cheese, candied jalapenos, pimento cheese, and bacon. They were delicious but between the two of us we could not finish them and ended up taking our sandwiches home because we were too full on fries.

IMG_9207 (2)

I ate the rest of the fries for dinner the next day. Just heat them up in the toaster oven and they were just as fab as the first go-around!

IMG_9146 (2)

Besides the weather,  another good thing about Spring is that baseball has begun. Opening Day in Baltimore was fun this year! Last year’s weather made it miserable but this year we won in the 11th inning with a walk off home run. It was super-exciting!!!

IMG_9148 (2)

Reader Question: What is your favorite outdoor thing to do in Spring? Gardening, baseball, going for a walk?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I had no idea the Blair Witch Project took place in Maryland. That is definitely a creepy house! That looks like a fun hike though.

  2. I love doing all the things outdoors in the spring! You can’t get me inside!

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