Jackson Hole, WY and Bubba’s BBQ Restaurant


After a full morning of hiking and sightseeing at Grand Teton National Park, it was time to head back into Jackson Hole, WY for some grub.

At the top of Signal Mountain:

Tetons Signal Mountain

Jackson Hole is 30 minutes from the Tetons, about an hour from the south entrance of Yellowstone, and one of my favorite small towns in the United States.  It has a population 6000 or so with a lot of summer and winter vacationers which lead to really good restaurants, fun shops, cute city decor, and craft breweries.  All of my favorite things.

It is also the home of Bubba’s BBQ, my beef brisket/sliced turkey/pulled pork heaven.

My beef brisket: Jackson Hole, WY Bubba's BBQ brisket

I ate every last morsel of meat.  Bubba’s also has a great salad bar.  I was hungry from hiking and way over-ordered.

Jackson Hole, WY Bubba's BBQ salad bar

After our gluttonfest, we decided to walk around Jackson Hole for a few hours.  We walked past a house that used old skis for a front gate and fence.  Awesome recycling work!

YellowstoneTetonsJacksonHoleskifence2 YellowstoneTetonsJacksonHoleskifence

The creepy antler archway into town square park.

Jackson Hole, WY antler archway

I really didn’t want or need a beer but Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is an old tradition in Jackson Hole.  You have to sit on the saddle to belly up to the bar.  I looked and felt a little ridiculous but I made my mom sit there the whole time I nursed my beer.

Jackson Hole, WY Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

I ordered the local Snake River Brewery Eye PA.  It was drinkable but not my favorite.  The Cowboy Bar atmosphere made up for my mediocre beer though.


Instead of dinner we opted to share some homemade huckleberry ice cream from a shop in the square.  It was really good but beer+ice cream was a little too crazy of a combination for my stomach.


After ice cream we walked the two blocks back to our hotel, the Parkway Inn in Jackson Hole, WY, and swung on the porch swing before bed.  I really want a porch swing!

Jackson Hole, WY Parkway Inn

Hiking in the Teton pictures are coming up next!

Question:  If you had to sing to yourself in the wilderness to let bears know you were coming, what song would you sing?  You’ll find out what I sang tomorrow 🙂

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    Yay cole slaw! 🙂 I’m ignoring the beef.

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