Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a resort town in both the winter and summer. If you arrive in the shoulder season of September there will still be crowds (more older folks than families) but less daunting to find a hotel or campground than with the hoards of travelers in July and August.

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Downtown Jackson Hole is filled with art galleries and fancy restaurants as well as t-shirt shops and saloons. BC and I are t-shirt and saloon people so we did some shopping and drank some beer.

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The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is famous (for what I’m not sure) so we saddled up to the bar- for real! Instead of bar stools there are saddles instead. I can’t say it is super comfortable to drink more than one beer while sitting like this but it was a fun experience.

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Our purchases included a funny t-shirt and some taffy at the awesome candy store located by this moose.

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My favorite restaurants in Jackson Hole are Bubba’s BBQ and the elk gyro at Wort Hotel’s Silver Dollar Bar is fab. We decided to try something new for breakfast, the well-liked Virginian Restaurant. It was only okay but it was cheap.  I ordered the chiliquillas (eggs, chorizo, veggies), which were humongous.  I ate about half. BC ate a normal breakfast and declared it pretty good.

Fun fact: restaurants love to serve sour cream in Montana and Wyoming!

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Jackson Hole is a great vacation destination and starting off point for Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Camp outside Jackson Hole or stay at a hotel and experience the fun, family-friendly sights, food, and shopping.

Reader question: Do you like visiting your favorite restaurants or trying new places?

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