James Bond Island, Thailand


Outside of Phuket are a lot of little beaches, caves, and James Bond Island.  James Bond Island has a Thai name but I can’t remember it- the Bond movie from 1974, The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed here.  But before we get there we are overheating and need to swim.  A little sandy beach for us.

Phuket 010

The water is so warm.  It was refreshing but you could just walk right out into it without even a little shiver.

Then we rode by some interesting rock formations and stalactites (I was impressed I remembered what to call them- score for the science nerd!)

Phuket 023

This guy looks like he is naked kayaking under the stalactites, coming out of a sea cave.

Phuket 020

Then it was our turn to paddle through the sea caves.  But we were a lazy bunch and paid the Thai guys to paddle for us.

Phuket 033

Hello! I think our paddler is camera shy.

Going through the cave.

Phuket 055

Some of my tour buddies sipping on a coconut.

Phuket 052

I prefer Coca Cola Light.

Phuket 053

Phuket 058

Twin Peaks (giggle)

Lunch was on a floating village.

Phuket 063

Very random.

Phuket 067

Colorful boats.  We made it to lunch just in time for it to start pouring down rain.  Technically it is no longer rainy season as of November 1 but there are still daily downpours that last a few minutes here and there.

Finally we made it to James Bond Island:

Phuket 076

This woman got stuck in the mud.  4 guys in our group had to go and help her out.  I’m a bad person because I laughed and took pictures but the woman was laughing too so it’s okay.

Phuket 083

This is me not walking into the mud.

Phuket 081

Last night we went out in Phuket.  It was like New Orleans on crack.  More on that soon.

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