Japan Tourism Event at the Ambassador’s Residence

Last week was an awesome event at the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, D.C., promoting tourism to Japan. The Ambassador to the United States was in attendance as well as many important figures in the US and Japan tourism industries. I think they invited me to help eat all the sushi and keep the average age down.

IMG_9737 (2)

I knew two other DC-based travel bloggers there and we tooled around the residence together. Everything about the space was amazing. The awe-inducing light fixtures, traditional Japanese elements, and outdoor spaces made for quite the venue.


The tea house was open to the public and was just like the homes I saw in Japan. The Ambassador’s residence was so amazing because it is in the middle of Washington, D.C., and felt like it was in the middle of a forest.

IMG_9746 (2)

The koi pond and rock garden was my favorite!


The party itself had traditional music, food and drink, and some long speeches. The whole party itself made me reminisce about my Japan trip 2 years ago and remind me how much I enjoyed myself in Kyoto, Tokyo, Koyasan, and Osaka.


Eventually they opened the buffet stations and the hungry hordes descended upon the delicious grub! I should have hopped right into the sushi line but was attempting to do things in order and went for appetizers first.


I ended up waiting in the sushi line for 30 minutes and almost missed my train back to Baltimore. But I must say the sushi was worth it- it was some of the best I’ve had since being in Japan- so simple and so fresh!

IMG_9748 (2)

After the party, my Lyft driver and I raced back to Union station, driving by some excellent DC sights at sunset.

IMG_9753 (2)

DC’s Union Station ceiling- always look up at train stations!

IMG_9756 (2)

Visiting the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence was an honor and I am so glad to have been invited. While it was not as great as visiting Japan itself- it was the next best thing to hopping a flight out of DC to Tokyo.

Reader Question: are you planning on visiting Japan someday? DC friends: Have you ever been to an embassy party?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, this looks like an amazing event! Visiting Japan is definitely high on our list. It’s funny, there was a Japanese tourism panel at the sci-fi convention we went to last weekend and it was full! So full that we couldn’t even get into the room. It’s clearly a popular destination 🙂

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