Joe Benny’s and Prepping for RAGBRAI


Andrea on Vacation hasn’t been on vacation in a few weeks- at least to anywhere other than Dewey Beach.  That is where I am heading again this weekend before my next adventure on Monday. 

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Last week I had the dreaded jury duty and actually got picked for a case. Luckily, it was non-violent and not too long. Baltimore has an amazing courthouse.

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Next week I’ll be wearing my crazy pants (or in this case, crazy bike shorts) and riding in RAGBRAI– the weeklong bike ride across Iowa.  I am a born and bred Iowan, where riding RAGBRAI is something everyone does at least once.  Last year I rode with a friend and her family for a few of the days.  This year, I am riding most of it.  As an Iowan, I do not adhere to the rules of RAGBRAI and actually register but we just join in and have fun. 


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Side note: You really should register when you ride RAGBRAI because you get roadside bike service and so much more.  However, you have to sign up really early and sometimes win a lottery entrance.

Prepping for RAGBRAI new bike

I purchased a new bike last week and have put in about 60 miles on it already. (Yes, I know starting training a week before is not the best training plan.) My bike is black so I bought awesome pink water bottle holders to make it pretty. 

Riding for hours a day has made me a carb-loading fool. Last week BC and I went to a new restaurant in Federal Hill owned by his friend, called Ali Baba. There was so much delicious food- baba ganough for an appetizer and chicken shawarma plus salad with special pita bread and hummus for my main course.  I plan on eating here at least once a week.  My meal left me with leftovers for 2 more lunches ☺

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My second carb loading experience was in Little Italy at a new focacceria called Joe Benny’s. The food was amazing- my meal was the Daddio: burrata cheese, salami, and olive focaccia; BC ordered a meatball sandwich.  And it was reasonably priced!

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This week I have a few more long bike rides to do so I’m sure there will be some more carb-y dishes showing up on the blog soon ☺


What is your next trip? Visiting family, friends, exploring somewhere new?

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  1. That courthouse in Baltimore looks really cool. I love turning everyday activities into a mini-vacation 🙂 It’s so easy if you just take time to look around like you did.

  2. Carb loading really is the best! 🙂 Have fun!

  3. Natalie says:

    Now that’s made me very hungry! Good luck and enjoy your bike ride, looking forward to reading more about it.

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