Julian Alps- A recap

Yesterday we drove a long way through the Julian Alps.  The way up was great- 24 hairpin turns to the top.  The top was about 5285 feet.  Some crazy bikers climb the whole thing.   We spoke to a few going up the mountain. Indeed, they to declared themselves insane, never to do this again.

Slovenia2 013

The roads through the Julian Alps were super narrow.  Almost back down in the Soca River Valley, we got sideswiped by an oncoming van who was too wide for his lane.  The poor side mirror is completely busted.  My pregnant sister went running off after him but he didn’t stop.  We couldn’t even reverse down the road due to narrowness and turns.

Julian Alps Kluze

We visited a WWI fort called Kluze mostly because Caden needed a break to run around.  And  my brother-in-law Josh needed to use curse words because of the mirror.  Two birds, one stone.

Julian Alps- Boka waterfall

Then it got prettier. The Julian Alps are gorgeous!  Frolicking in the field for Caden and I. The Boka waterfall is the in background.  It is the 2nd largest waterfall in Slovenia.

Julian Alps mausoleum

In Kobarid we visited the WWI Italian mausoleum. Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farewell to Arms based on this area where he drove the ambulance around the Julian Alps.  This whole area was a big front of the WWI battles between Austria-Hungary and Italy.

It was a god-awful drive home full of twists and turns and semis trying to fit side by side on the tiny road.  Megan and I only felt motion sick once each which is impressive.  The impresive views made up for it though.

Julian Alps valley

And it looked Caribbean-like with the turquoise waters and green hills.

Julian Alps Caribbean-like views

After that drive, it was definitely time for a cold, Slovenian beer.

Slovenia2 023

And a giant pizza- all for myself 🙂

Slovenia3 006

We are making our way onto Lake Bled, a mountain resort town full of regular Slovenians on vacation. Lake Bled is a pretty famous European destination I have heard a lot about and am excited to finally get there!

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