Kayaking Keuka Lake and Keuka Artisan Bakery

Morning in Hammondsport, NY was a peaceful time. I woke up and strolled to Keuka Artisan Bakery for some coffee. It turns out the owners are from Baltimore so we chatted for a while. The coffee here is amazing. They had a flavored coffee- Jamaican Me Crazy- that ranks up there in my favorite.

IMG_5978 (2)

They have an array of freshly baked good- I opted for a bagel breakfast sandwich with bacon and swiss that was pretty great. I split it with BC since we were still recovering from our Union Block Italian Bistro food babies.

IMG_5977 (2)

If you are in need of a good cup of coffee and a muffin or croissant, stop in to Keuka Artisan Bakery for a treat.

Back at the Keuka Lakeside Inn we prepared for the next adventure.

IMG_5980 (2)

Next on the agenda was kayaking! I was very excited to do some outdoor activity again.  I love being on the water so when I found out there was kayaking- sign me up! Our hotel was steps away from the boat dock.

Sea planes are big in the Finger Lakes- they have an aviation museum right outside of Hammondsport.

IMG_5982 (2)

David from Keuka Lake Bicycle, Canoe, Kayak Rentals met us at the water and gave us a brief overview.

Ready for action with my water camera, just in case we fell in:

DSCF0506 (2)

(note to self: wipe off water droplets from lens before selfies)

BC was less than enthused about kayaking but I bribed him with half of my bagel sandwich earlier so he was good.

Kayaking Andrea & BC10 (2)

It was a very cool morning- 48 degrees or so but it was wonderful! In my running tights and long sleeves it was perfect.

DSCF0513 (2)

Keuka Lake was not very crowded which was nice. Only one other fishing boat and a bunch of ducks.

DSCF0516 (2)

We kayaked along with shore into a marsh and back out. Sea plane statue in the water:

DSCF0523 (2)

DSCF0527 (2)

We stayed out for about 90 minutes before my arms were very tired. When we finished BC told me that he had a really good time and liked it more than he thought he would.

Andrea & BC on Keuka Lake4 (2)

Kayaking Keuka Lake was a really good way to get some outdoor activity time and see some pretty lake views. Highly recommended! Our time in Hammondsport has come to an end. We are off to Corning, NY to do some glassblowing and see some spectacular glass art.

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6 Responses

  1. How beautiful! You are inspiring me to take this trip!

  2. Louise Canuto says:

    Your hiking and kayaking adventures are always so inspiring! Love love love it!

  3. Lydia C. Lee says:

    I love kayaking – but I will admit I get tired after about half an hour – so you did a fab job!

  4. Anda says:

    I’ve never heard of Keuka Lake, but I live on the West Coast and am not acquainted with all the beautiful areas in New York state. That bakery looks like a million bucks.

  5. I just wanted to grab one of those delicious looking croissants.
    Can you book a trip on one of those sea planes? I’ve never been on one.

  1. April 16, 2016

    […] outdoor activities. I’m glad we didn’t cram it into a long weekend and took the time to enjoy Lake Keuka, Watkins Glen, and Corning Museum of Glass (where they let you glass […]

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