Kennebunkport, Maine and Lobster Rolls

Welcome to Kennebunkport, Maine

Of all the places I have visited in Maine, Kennebunkport is the place I would buy a mega-mansion if I won Powerball.  The views were awesome!  The Walker-Bush family would be my neighbors.

Walker-Bush compound:

Bush-Walker Compound Kennebunkport

There is the prettiest church nearby the compound called St. Ann’s.  I think that in the US, we don’t spend money on churches like they do in Europe so they usually aren’t and grand and have less detail.  This one was an exception to that idea.

St. Ann's Church Kennebunkport, Maine

And the outdoor alter had this view:


Pretty sweet!


After driving by the Democrat headquarters in Kennebunkport (haha! I died laughing at the irony), I made Rebekah pull over to stop at The Clam Shack.  It was noon and I wanted a lobster roll- shocking! 🙂

Clam Shack Kennebunkport, Maine

Anywhere with a decent line makes me think it is worth the wait.  Then I saw the sign stating that this was on the Food Network Show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”.  Score for me!


The Clam Shack asks if you want butter, mayo, or both with your lobster roll.  I ended up going for both at Rebekah’s urging.  It was prefect- a little butter, a little mayo, but not a lot of either.  I may start ordering my lobster rolls like this now.

Clam Shack Lobster Roll Kennebunkport, Maine

We ate our perfect little lobster rolls on a bridge, checking out the kayaks, in the fancy, little town of Kennebunkport, Maine.


Kennebunkport, Maine is officially on my list of places to take my mom to visit- it is that kind of vacation spot.  Cute little shops with nautical themed gifts, fudge, ice cream, art, and upscale seafood food venues.  And a great spot to stop for a lobster roll on a roadtrip back to Maryland.

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  1. Lean Lena says:

    I’ve never been to Maine, but always wanted to go. Thanks for sharing this post – beautiful pictures!
    Now down to business. Please, tell me they have nation-wide delivery for those lobster rolls! Please?
    No? 🙁

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