Keystone Mountain and Breckenridge, Colorado

The last stop on my Colorado trip was to Keystone Mountain for some skiing and fun.  We took a daytrip into Breckenridge for some snowmobiling and ran into a snow sculpture contest.

Keystone and Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Contest


The snow sculptures were built by different countries.  This one was my favorite:  The Seven Deadly Sins. (I forget which country did this.)


Poor Ecuador’s sculpture collapsed.


There were some ridiculous looking dog getups around Breckenridge.  Cyrus would have been ashamed if I did this to him.


Breckenridge was really pretty and I would have liked to spend more time there. We had to hurry to get to our snowmobiling excursion!


Snowmobiling was a lot of fun.  We got put with a family of 4 with 2 small kids.  Lauren was worried we wouldn’t be able to go fast but these kids were great and liked to go fast.  We opened it up a little when we weren’t on the trails.

Before picture:


It got a lot colder as we got higher and started snowing buckets.  We went up to the continental divide, the place where water to the east flows east and water to the west flows west.


Lauren being a cheerleader:


My turn:


We returned to our ski condo for the night to play board games and drink delicious Colorado beer.


The next day we went skiing at Keystone.  It was beautiful.  It was a sunny day and the few inches of snow that fell the night before helped with good snow conditions.

The ski slopes in the distance are Breckenridge.

Keystone Skiing

My skiing definitely got better over the course of this trip.  Lauren was a ski instructor who helped out my form quite a bit.  I stuck to the blue and green slopes at Keystone.  No black diamonds for me.

The way home we stopped at the continental divide in another area.  Pretty!

Keystone Continental Divide at Loveland Pass

Colorado was a great vacation!  Thanks Lauren for hosting!  Vacationing in Colorado was adventurous and fun and I hope to be back soon.

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