Kilt Rock- Isle of Skye

At a Scottish B&B, everyday  will start out with a giant breakfast. The full Scottish breakfast includes a fried egg, beans, mushrooms, black pudding (a blood sausage, not dessert!), bacon (really more like Canadian bacon), grilled tomatoes, sausage links, and toast.


I like meat but I think I am meat-ed out. I ended up ordering the continental breakfast this morning which included crossaints, ham, cheeses, grapefruit, prunes, and in my case- coffee! Breakfast was a much needed reprieve of piles of meat.


I took a picture of the butter because my great grandparents from my mom’s side’s surname is Graham and they came from Scotland! Maybe I have cousins that make butter!


The Trotternish Peninsula, north of Portree was our big plan for today. The road that circles the peninsula has some of the most popular sights on Skye- hikes, water views, a few museums, and some small towns.

IMG_0880 (2)

Residents found dinosaur bones and footprints around this area and the one room Staffin Museum with all the details is the first museum option.  The second is The Skye Museum of Island Life– two things to do if rain or cold keep you indoors.

Luckily it was gorgeous the day we drove the Trotternish Peninsula. Kilt Rock is one of the popular sights and it is pretty! The rocks on the cliff there apparently looks like a plaid pattern seen on kilts. Tons of tour buses stopped here but there is plenty of room to take in the views.


This tour bus made us both laugh and say “eww, gross”.


To get to Quiraing, a hiking section to some pointy rocks, you must drive on the tiniest, one-lane, dirt road. There were sheep on the road too just to add some extra challenges. The blood pressure rose on this drive for sure!

IMG_9484 (2)

After a full day of touring Isle of Skye, it was finally time to eat again. Café Arriba, in  our home base of Portree was the destination. The menu changes all the time, it actually changed while we were there! They close at 6pm but since we had only eaten breakfast- a 4:30pm early dinner was necessary. I ordered a french toast sandwich with some kind of meatloaf on the inside with beets and salad. BC had the brisket and we split an order of cheese chips (fries). Both of us were members of the clean plate club today. We were hungry!

IMG_0887 (2)

We are due to leave Skye in the morning, exactly when the wind and rain are supposed to show up. The weather held out for us today but tomorrow around Loch Ness and Inverness, we won’t be so lucky.

More from Scotland to come!

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  1. What pretty views! I’m glad you got something else for breakfast too! lol

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