Koloa Maha’Ulepu Heritage Trail

This morning was a coffee on the porch kind of morning. My AirBnB has a French press and coffee available but I have no idea how to use it. Tomorrow I will ask the Google. My coffee this morning came from Lappert’s and is the Molokai blend. Hawaiian coffee is really good!

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After my coffee I had big plans to lay on nearby Poipu Beach and work on my tan.  I saw my first whale ever walking my 2 blocks to the beach. While there aren’t as many whales around Kauai as around some other Hawaiian islands, there are enough that I randomly saw one today!

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Poipu beach is known for excellent snorkeling and body boarding. The water is pretty warm but still refreshing to wade into. This is one of the few beaches you can swim at on Kauai. The undertow currents are so strong in a lot of places that swimming is prohibited. Here is it encouraged (in the appropriate areas).

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Beach/snorkel time was fun but my pale winter pallor needed a break. Lunch was next on my agenda and it took me to a tiny grocery store that has a sushi joint in it with great reviews called Makai Sushi.

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I ordered the ahi tuna bowl that comes with cucumber, avocado, maui onion, green onion, black sesame seeds, seaweed salad, roe, and a bunch of sauces on top of rice and loads of fresh, raw ahi tuna.

IMG_8004 (2)

This healthy and amazing creation was huge but I managed to down the whole thing Smile It may be my new favorite lunch ever. Now that I was all carbed up I was ready for some exercise.

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The Koloa Maha’UlepuTrail runs along the coast and this part of it starts at the Grand Hyatt hotel about a mile from Poipu beach. It is 2 miles out and 2 miles back but I got bored halfway through (and hot!) so I turned back early.

XWEP8957 (2)

The rocky coastline and blue waters made for some interesting backdrops. Swimming is not possible here only a cliff walk. There is one secluded beach not easily accessible called Ha’ula Beach.

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If you are itching for some exercise around Poipu Beach, the Koala Maha’ulepuTrail is a good option but is not a must-do on Kauai (as Lonely Planet suggests). You can also drive out halfway down the trail  to a secluded beach if you have a 4 wheel drive (and not a tiny rental car like me).

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The trail was a good shake out of my sore legs from the Kalalau Trail. I’m glad I did it but now I’m back to the beach!

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3 Responses

  1. What a wonderful Hawaii day! We stayed at the Grand Hyatt but missed this trail. I need to go back!!! 🙂

  2. Lydia C. Lee says:

    We didn’t do that trail (though we did a short one on Big Island). The hawaiian shorelines are great

  3. Anything Hawaiian is awesome! The bowl from the sushi place looks AMAZING. I totally get the whole getting bored AND hot thing on a trail, good for you for turning back! Thanks for linking up with us on Travel Tuesday!

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