Kootenay National Park and Invermere

Banff and Jasper National Parks are the biggest and most famous parks in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta but nearby Yoho and Kootenay National Park are in the area as well. To get to the tiny house in Invermere, the drive took me through Kootenay National Park and its vistas, valleys, and trails.

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In Lake Louise make sure to stop at the Visitor’s Center and ask about different sights to see. The ranger who helped me was very helpful for ideas and places to stop in Kootenay and around Invermere.  I think she was also excited to talk about something other than Lake Louise.

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Immediately inside Kootenay National Park, I stopped at a pull off on the side of the road for some views.

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The next stop on my little journey was Marble Canyon a gorge carved out by rushing water from Tokumm Creek. It was a short little walk to see the falls. This area was part of a big forest fire in 2003 (lightning strikes) and you can still see the burnt trunks and new growth of the forest. Total hiking distance was 1 mile and very flat- anyone can do this hike.

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The valleys in Kootenay were my favorite part. It was a gorgeous place to escape the crowds of Banff and see nature at its finest.

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On the edge of Kootenay National Park is the Juniper-Sinclair Canyon hiking trail. It was a beast of hills but led to the nearby hot springs and was mostly shady.  No bear sightings (yay!) only pretty scenery on this 4 mile roundtrip hike.

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Once in Invermere, I hung out at my tiny house (read all about my Airbnb tiny house here), ate pizza, made a new cat friend, and explored the area. I made friends with a cat that lives near the tiny house and liked to come by for some petting.

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After I stopped petting him he got bored, ran into the brush, and promptly caught a mouse to give me as a gift- eek!!!!


Inveremere had a lot of good looking restaurants. I enjoy a good post-hike pizza.  This one from Peppi’s was demolished in less than 20 minutes- I was hungry!


My park ranger in Banff suggested I find a lake area deep in the forest about 20 miles from the main road. On my last day in Invermere, after driving on the gravel road for what seemed like forever, I made it to the hot springs, gorgeous mountain lake, campground, and picnic area of………

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I bought some food at the grocery store before making the drive so I sat on the lake’s “beach” and had a little picnic with some views.

The views of the Canadian Rockies never get old

Reader Question: What is your favorite thing to pack on a picnic? I’m all about a good chicken salad sandwich.

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