Kotor, Montenegro

The stunning coast of Montenegro is no longer a hidden destination and a few cruise ships dock off in the Bay of Kotor most days. However, the Old Town still provides enough authenticity to spend a few days exploring this part of the Adriatic Sea.

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We stayed in Old Town Kotor in a fairly inexpensive hotel. This was the best move we made- once the cruise ships were gone (and before they got into port), we had the entire place to ourselves pretty much. It was awesome!

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Surrounding Kotor are the fortress walls, defending from invaders since the 14th century. It costs about 8 Euros to climb up to the top, if you go really early (before 8am) no one is there to collect money and you can go for free. I slept in a bit and then made the climb. It wasn’t too bad but the rocks can get slippery when wet.

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The views at the top of the hill overlooking the Bay of Kotor were fabulous. I would definitely recommend making the climb and going early to beat the heat.


The climb to the top takes about an hour if you stop for water breaks and photos. It is pretty steep but was not as bad as it looked, nor as bad as our city guide the day before made it out to be. It isn’t to be taken lightly (bring water, no flip-flops) but it wasn’t that bad.


Because of the water locale, seafood, and particularly mussels, is the specialty in Montenegro. Here is my pot of mussels was fresh from the water:

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I also had my fill of gelato as we are very close to Italy and there are a ton of tourists needing a snack.

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Grilled Octopus:

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Outside of Kotor are some small, coastal towns. Perast is the one visited most and is gorgeous. I took the bus for about a $1 and walked around and took photos.

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There isn’t too much to see unless you take the boat out to the churches on the water- St. George and Our Lady of the Rock. But there are many restaurants that line the shoreline to eat with a view.


While lodging in Old Town Kotor is the way to go, getting out to other places along the coast is a great daytrip or afternoon while all the cruise passengers are in port.

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While I was in Kotor I emailed my mom and told her we should come here together someday because all that charm, good food, and fantastic views were not to be missed. I thoroughly enjoyed my time along the Bay of Kotor. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later!

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