La Baie, Quebec and Saguenay National Park

Brrrr…..I’m not ready for winter yet.  Today in La Baie it was 40 degrees with 35 mph winds.  I wore a thin winter coat, hat, and mittens.  Last Friday I was in my bikini laying out on the ship’s deck.


Foliage-  we seem to have missed most of the red leaves here, just green, orange, and yellow.


Today I went hiking at Saguenay National Park.  The scenery was really similar to Gaspe but with steeper cliffs.  The La Baie and Saguenay area is part of one big fjord off the St. Lawrence River where a lot of other rivers meet the St. Lawrence.


The hike itself wasn’t too spectacular, though not because of the scenery.  The guides thought we were a bunch of wimps and kept stopping to talk about trees and animals and didn’t let us go as far as we wanted to hike.  Lame.


A bunch of people went sea kayaking from our group.  I tried to get Mom to do that but she said it would be too cold.  She was probably right but it still looked like fun.


Tiny kayakers paddling away.

Our tour guide mentioned a few trips that sounded great if anyone wanted to come to the area again.  There is a 3 day kayaking adventure that includes 5 star cuisine during the day on the shore, handles your luggage between your overnight cabins, and guides you through  the fjord.  The other was a 7 day hike with the same amenities.  Pretty much there a few tour companies that are giving your different options to see the fjord in it’s entirety.


If anyone does come La Baie, definitely come prepared for cold even in October or go in July when it is a nice 80 degrees 🙂

LaBaieQuebec 018

Side note about La Baie- everyone here was so nice!  While French is the main language, everyone would stop us to say hi and make sure we weren’t lost and needed directions.  I thought the people of Prince Edward Island were going to be the most pleasant but La Baie takes the prize on this.  I’m thinking it is because they aren’t sick of tourists yet- maybe give them a few years 🙂

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  1. What a beautiful spot to go kayaking.

  2. Looks like a nice place. Can it only be visited with a guide?

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