Lake Constance


Lake Constance is a huge lake that actually is in three different countries- Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  We stayed on the German side of the lake in Meersburg.  Our hotel was just out of the old town at the top of the hill.  The hill was huge!

LakeConstance 005

Starting the trek down.  They won’t let you ride bikes down it so people were walking them.  Megan and I both had to push Alayna’s stroller up the hill to be able to make it back to the hotel at the end of the day.

LakeConstance 045

It didn’t really faze her though. She is a good baby who sleeps through almost everything.

LakeConstance 049

Old town castle.

LakeConstance 047

Megan hanging out over the balcony.

LakeConstance 051

Pretty Meersburg

LakeConstance 041 LakeConstance 040

LakeConstance 016

Meersburg from the water

LakeConstance 003

LakeConstance 009 LakeConstance 015

Product placement of the day:

LakeConstance 052

Wundertute:  This one is especially made for Andrea. I’m assuming it is a whoopee cushion that is personalized.

In the afternoon we took a boat to Mainau Island is one big botanical garden with so many flowers, trees, fountains, butterflies, and sculptures.

LakeConstance 018 Lake Constance 022 Lake Constance 023 Lake Constance 026

Pretty flowers everywhere.

Lake Constance 028 Lake Constance 030

Lots of flower sculptures. Is it strange that I was thinking of Stephen King’s The Shining?

Lake Constance 027

A zeppelin (or blimp)

All of these gardens are part of the palace grounds.

Lake Constance 033


Lake Constance 035

With a great view of the water.

Lake Constance 017

Mainau Island was a good stop and worth the 26 Euro (boat plus entrance fee).  It makes for a good afternoon stroll.  Someone interested in horticulture would love it- I like looking at flowers and nature but I don’t know the names and varieties.  A plant lover could spend days here happily exploring the gardens.

The wrap up from the entire Iceland/Finland/Russia/Belarus/Germany/France trip is coming up soon.

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  1. Megan says:

    So I google translated wundertute… came up with a miracle bag. Hmm not quite sure what that means or what that product even is. Guess we should’ve bought it.

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